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Beer Pulled From Shelves Because People Offended By Its Name

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I’m a big fan of craft beer. We honestly live in an exciting time, considering the variety of beer we have readily available to us. With such great variety, one could reasonably expect a certain amount of uniqueness. One could argue that each beer’s unique qualities are the main reason why craft beer is so damn good.

In addition to unique flavor qualities, craft beers often have unique, and often rather weird, names. It’s just part of the business, really. Some of them, like Maryland brewery Flying Dog’s Raging Bitch, are funny and definitely draw the attention of the casual shopper in the store. It’s a solid marketing tactic. However, another Maryland craft brewery is now taking some heat for one of its rather uniquely named beers.

Sweet Baby Jesus!, a delicious chocolate and peanut butter porter (I highly recommend you try it) is a popular beer made by the DuClaw Brewing Co. of Baltimore, Maryland. It’s actually their most popular beer. Despite its popularity, one Cleveland-based grocery store chain, Heinen’s Grocery Store, had pulled it from their shelves. Why? People are offended by the name.

Seriously? People need to chill. It’s a beer, guys. If you’re offended by it, don’t drink it. The name itself is something you might say after drinking an exceptionally good tasting beer. Why should the majority have to suffer because a small minority is offended by the name?

Dave Benfield, DuClaw’s founder, insists that the name is not intended to be offensive or derogatory. Of course it’s not. It’s the name of a beer. Now, if it were called “Go Fuck Yourself Porter,” then yeah, I could see people getting a little angry, but come on.

It really is a shame that people are getting upset over this. In the end though, I guess this just means there’s more of this beer to go around for you and me. I guess I’ll drink to that.

[via My Fox DC]

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