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Barack Obama Is The Biggest Golf Liar Since Kim Jong-il

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It’s well documented that politicians are liars. Hillary lied about Benghazi. Trump lied about not lying. I lied that my opponent Andrew McManahan still wore Pull-Ups when I ran for classroom manager in 3rd grade (and lost in a landslide to lyin’ Billy DiMarco, who only won because he promised to make summer vacation last all year long). Yes, everyday it seems more and more politicians are telling more and more lies. But I’ve come across a lie more egregious than all those combined (except Billy DiMarco’s), and it was uttered by President Barack Obama during an interview with David Feherty.

Yes, Barry O claims his golf handicap is an “honest 13.” The man with this swing…

Claims to shoot 10 strokes better than I. Yeah, I’m not buying it. Granted this video was shot about 7 years ago and Obama claims to have played hundreds of rounds of golf since then (he’s played at least 300 as an acting president… make of that what you will), but still. Unless Barack took some lessons (how could he have found the time in between all those rounds of golf he was playing?), there’s no chance he’s going lower than me.

He just can’t be that decent of a golfer. He doesn’t follow golf etiquette, which is an immediate “he sucks at golf” red flag for me. Barack steps in his partners’ putting lines, and it’s been well documented that Obama sometimes takes upwards of six hours to play a round, slapping the “while we’re young” initiative in the face and making himself the most insufferable person to play behind since Jason Day mid-vertigo (though, with his lax immigration policies, I wouldn’t be surprised if Obama let you play through).

Furthermore, Michael Jordan has described Obama as a “shitty golfer” despite never having played a round with him. I don’t even care if I watch Obama shoot a clear-cut 80 — I trust Michael Jordan-uttered hearsay over proven Obama fact. So for Obama to come out and say he averages an “honest” 85 is just absurd. If he’d have just said “I’m a 13 handicap,” I’d have had no problem, as everyone lies about their golf game. But nope, Obama wants me to believe he is a true 13 handicapper. I’ll sooner believe in Scientology, or that Kim Jong-il played 18 and shot a 34 with five holes-in-one.

Let’s go head-to-head at Morris Williams in Austin and you can prove me wrong, Barack. HMU.

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Jared Borislow

Jared Borislow (né The DeVry Guy) is a Senior Writer for Grandex Inc and a 2015 graduate of the University of Wisconsin.

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