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Bar Hosts “Muslims Vs. Americans” Party On 9/11

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Fraternities and sororities get a lot of flack for throwing insensitive theme parties. It’s annoying. For whatever reason, I have a kimono in my costume box, and forgive me for wanting to pair it with some chopsticks in my hair for a Chinese New Year party. Oh, that’s actually Japanese? Now, I’m a racist. People get super sensitive when you don’t do tons of research before going to a party getting wasted. I’m Italian, super Italian actually, my grandparents are FOBs, I don’t pronounce it motts-uh-rella, and I was repeatedly told every March that St. Patrick was actually born in Italy (which may or may not be true). While I don’t love the word “dago,” if people want to wear gold crucifixes, draw mustaches on the women, use loud Brooklyn accents, and hail red, white, and green at a Mobster party, I’m not offended by it. It’s a party. The purpose is really just to put on a funny and/or slutty costume and get drunk. If you’re reading too far into that type of thing, you’re just actively trying to get offended.

No one is throwing parties (generally) about really serious issues. No one’s blacking out their teeth for a “Sex Slaves in Eastern Europe” party, or throwing on a bow and carrying a blankie to go with their military gear to represent child soldiers a la KONY. That would be fucked up. Most decent humans wouldn’t go there. You know who would go there, though? China. Fucking China.

Angel Baby Bar hosted a “Counter Strike” party this Wednesday, September 11, at which attendees were to dress up as Muslims or Americans. People dressed in camouflage or Muslim garb, and carried around guns as props to take photos shooting at each other. The bar’s manager, Ms. Wang, told people she didn’t think it was insensitive, nor did she get any negative feedback. “It was fun,” she said. For a moment, the cavalier attitude put things into perspective for me. Maybe I’ve been too insensitive at theme parties? But then I remembered that when I throw on a sombrero and drink tequila on Cinco de Mayo, I’m not making fun of people for dying.

Mus v. Am 7

Mus v. Am 1

Mus v. Am 2

Mus v. Am 4

Mus v. Am 5

Mus v. Am 6
Whatever, Wang. Your last name means penis.

[via kotaku]

Image via kotaku


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Veronica Ruckh

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