Bama Frat Guy Forced To Get Tattoo Of “Colonel Reb” On His Ass After Ole Miss Whooped The Crimson Tide In T-Town

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Word of advice: If you have considered betting anything other than money, say a tattoo, on a college football game, give up gambling entirely. It is not worth it.

Prime example, below. An Alabama fraternity member was forced to get a tattoo of Colonel Reb on his ass cheek after Ole Miss stomped the Crimson Tide for the second year in a row. The photo of his clearly tender ass cheek is hilarious:


Can you imagine what was going through this poor Bama fan’s mind during the game? When Ole Miss QB Chad Kelly threw that up-for-grabs ball that could’ve easily been a pick-six but was instead tipped and caught for a Rebels touchdown, I bet this guy started drinking himself into oblivion.

As a staunch advocate against getting any tattoos ever for any reason, I see the benefit of keeping a tattoo on your ass cheek. But damn, that thing is going to be there the rest of his life. He is never going to forget what Hugh Freeze and the mighty Rebs did to his poor Crimson Tide way back in 2015. Even when he is an old man, this game will still haunt him.

Tattoo removal surgery is like what, $1,000? It might be worth the investment.

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