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Badly Wounded Soldier Tells Female Medic To Show Him Her Boobs

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Usually when you hear stories of heroism in battle, you think of gallant raids or troops bravely fighting off forces ten times their strength. This time, however, the story is different. Private Emily Tomkins, a British Army Medic, was awarded a medal for bravery after rescuing a fellow soldier who had his legs blown off by an improvised explosive device, or IED.

The morphine injection that Private Tomkins gave the wounded soldier was not enough to numb the incredible pain he was feeling due to the traumatic removal of his lower extremities. Tomkins was forced to inform he poor man that she couldn’t give him any more morphine because it could possibly have adverse effects like, you know, death.

With his legs blown off and still in horrific pain, the soldier knew that he needed something to keep his mind off his increasingly worsening fate, so he did what any man with nothing left to lose would do. With all the grit and strength of a soldier, he said, “Do something useful and show me your boobs.”

Sadly, Private Tomkins was unable to comply. She denied his request, brushing it off as a joke, and then carried the wounded soldier to safety, saving his life. Private Tomkins displayed extreme courage and she should be commended for it. She was also a good sport about getting a request of “tits out for the boys” while under fire. Let’s not forget the guy who she took care of, though. He may have lost his legs, but he definitely still had his balls.

[via The Sun]


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