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Bad Commenter Of The Week: February 28

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tfm bad commenter of the week

Welcome to “Bad Commenter Of The Week,” a new weekly series here on TFM wherein I will roast a TFM commenter whom I deem roastworthy for one reason or another — or maybe for no reason at all. Lucky for me, I get to handpick my target. Maybe you’ll agree with my selection, maybe you won’t, maybe it’ll be you. Only time will tell, and I have it on high authority that time’s lips are sealed. Looks like you’ll just have to keep tuning in if you want to see who each week’s massive idiot target is.

Unlike in our series “Commenter Of The Week,” I will not be interviewing the commenter I select because, quite frankly, they don’t deserve that courtesy. If you happen to be the target of my current or future ire, feel free to respond in the comment section, dumbass.

The inaugural Bad Commenter of the Week had a racist username when he initially made his comment because apparently he’s an asshole, so I’ve since changed it to something a little more tolerant.

Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 10.12.24 AM

In posting this comment, TFM user Rosa Parks Fan Club was responding to this excerpt from the column I posted yesterday, “3 Thoughts I’m Having On My 24th Birthday Today:”

Today, February 27th (at 3:35 p.m., specifically), marks the completion of my 24th year on this earth.

Well, RPFC, let’s think this one out:

0-1 = 1 year completed
1-2 = 2 years completed
2-3 = 3 years completed
3-4 = 4 years completed
4-5 = 5 years completed
5-6 = 6 years completed
6-7 = 7 years completed
7-8 = 8 years completed
8-9 = 9 years completed
9-10 = 10 years completed
10-11 = 11 years completed
11-12 = 12 years completed
12-13 = 13 years completed
13-14 = 14 years completed
14-15 = 15 years completed
15-16 = 16 years completed
16-17 = 17 years completed
17-18 = 18 years completed
18-19 = 19 years completed
19-20 = 20 years completed
20-21 = 21 years completed
21-22 = 22 years completed
22-23 = 23 years completed
23-24 = 24 years completed

So if I just turned 24 yesterday, I’ve just completed my 24th year on this earth, and am starting my 25th year. That doesn’t make me 25, though, you dumbass. We quantify age by how many full years you’ve lived, not the number of years in which you’ve lived, moron.

Your comment was bad and you should feel bad, Rosa Parks Fan Club. You’re a massive idiot and deserve all the shame that comes your way.

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Jared Borislow

Jared Borislow (né The DeVry Guy) is a Senior Writer for Grandex Inc and a 2015 graduate of the University of Wisconsin.

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