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Baby Boomers Are Out-Drinking Millennials

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In a previous column, I highlighted the rise in alcohol consumption in the US. The largest contributors in this trend were the college-aged group and people over 50.

Now, it appears that recent data has confirmed my worst fear: The baby boomers of this country are simply out-drinking us, and the gap is actually widening. But it’s not just the US. This trend of baby boomer boozing has also taken hold in the UK. This is even more impressive considering the fact that substance abuse is on the decline in the UK and Australia, except for the over 50 group. This onslaught of boozing boomers has led to some terrifying predictions.

From The Guardian:

What’s more, while risky drinking is on the wane in the UK and Australia, those in the over-50 age bracket buck the trend. By 2020 the number of people receiving treatment for substance misuse problems are expected to double in Europe, and treble in the US, among those aged over 50.

The silver lining here is that the US will still be number one with a 200% increase in substance (mis)use among the 50 plus group versus europe’s (no, they don’t get a capital e from me) measly 100% increase. This trend is also impressive because a 2011 report published in the UK warns that seniors should drink three drinks less per week than the 14 drinks per week recommendation used for younger adults. I would also say that this is compounded by the fact that the baby boomers seem to simply not give a fuck.

Also from The Guardian:

This is the first generation of home-drinkers who are far more likely to buy cheap supermarket alcohol than visit their local pub.

In the end, with US drinking on the rise in general, I don’t think we’re at risk for having our livers emasculated by the Brits. Instead, millennials across the country must take up Sabertooths in arms against the much greater threat of our own parents and grandparents. We will not go down in history as the generation that statistically got drank under the table by Floridian retirees with fucking mimosas (nothing against the drink – they’re delicious). So, the next time you’re grabbing a beer with dear old Dad, make sure to slam a few extra brews while he’s in the can to even the score.

[via The Guardian]

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Peter Drinklage

That's what I do. I drink, and I know things. A real-life neanderthal who thinks he can write.

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