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Awesome College Student Defends Being Wealthy

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In the typical college culture, being a member of fraternity or sorority is usually associated with the “over-privileged” stigma. We accept it; some even take pride in being affiliated with the socially and financially elite. Because, you know, why wouldn’t you? Nothing grinds a GDI’s gears more than basking in the “overindulging perspective” of which he was trying to shame you.

Katie Menendez, a writer at Thought Catalog, was fed up with the “blame the rich for being rich” bullshit and lashed out at those who constantly bitch about other people’s money.

“I’m tired of justifying my address and the backlash I receive when I tell people I am a student and live in a high-rise apartment. I’m tired of the looks my doorman gives me when he hands me my package (of work clothes) delivered from J.Crew.

So stop making me feel like I’ve done something wrong. Stop making me feel like I am less deserving. I didn’t ask to be born into this kind of circumstance and I’m tired of being judged for it.”

If you are feeling particularly masochistic, go read the comments. Here are some examples from GDIs complaining about her piece:


“Sounds like you need to grow up and realize that the world doesn’t revolve around you.”

“You should use your privilege to make the world a better place for those without your privilege, instead of being upset over what you *perceive* as other people thinking about you all of the time.”

I’m not even hand picking these responses, they are literally three in a row out of hundreds of hateful comments. If you want change the perception of wealthy Americans, then become a wealthy American. If not, then get off their backs.

[via Thought Catalogue]


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