Aussie Blows $1M On Cars, Strippers, And Cocaine After Glorious Bank Glitch

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I avoid looking at my bank account at all costs. It’s a simple trick to prevent yourself from spiraling into deep depression. But I always wonder if maybe the bank accidentally added a few (several) extra zeroes into my account by accident. I’d never know because I don’t look at my account, but some lucky bastard in Australia had this happen to him. And he spent the money exactly how you and I would: on lavish vacations, cars, drugs, and girls. And he only had to spend two years in jail afterwards. Worth it.

From The New York Post:

A debt-ridden student blew $1.3 million on sports cars, speed boats, strippers and cocaine after a bank error gave him an unlimited overdraft.
Wannabe playboy Luke Moore lived the high life for two years before he was caught by cops and jailed on fraud charges.

The Australian treated himself to luxury holidays, a $57,000 Aston Martin, a $22,000 Maserati and a $33,000 boat while living the ultimate bachelor lifestyle.
But he was slapped with a four-year jail term last year after the banking glitch came to light.

Moore, 29, went free last week after winning an appeal of his conviction on the grounds that his actions were not deceptive.

He is now broke and living with his mother in Goulburn, New South Wales, ironically while studying to become a criminal lawyer.

But he told the Daily Telegraph he did not miss his lavish multimillionaire lifestyle “besides the cocaine, the strippers and fast cars.”

As well as buying a framed Michael Jordan shirt, the student used the cash to pay mortgage, insurance and other bills.

Now, I think we’d all trade a few years in an Aussie jail to live like a playboy, right? How bad could Aussie jail be? Everybody I’ve ever met from Australia is awesome, so I’m just going to blindly assume Aussie jail isn’t so bad. So yeah, I think we’d totally all make the trade.

What I’m most concerned about is that the prices for the vehicles quoted in this article are confusing the shit out of me, so much so that I went to convert US dollars into Aussie dollars and the math still isn’t adding up. I mean, $57K for an Aston Martin? $22K for a Maserati? $33K for a boat? Must have been a fucking canoe with a leak in it. Were these cars used? Leased? Certified pre-owned? Had someone murdered in them?

I mean, I guess kudos to this guy for being so frugal with his toys. But that also only adds up to $112K spent on his vehicles, leaving roughly $1.2 million to spend on vacations, strippers, and coke, and a framed Jordan jersey. I’m shocked he’s trying to become a lawyer and not some personal finance guru, because I’ve never heard of somebody who could set a budget like Luke Moore.

PS: Love the line he drops in about how he’s not going to miss the lavish multimillionaire lifestyle “besides the cocaine, the strippers, and the fast cars.” So, uh, he’s basically saying all he’s not going to miss is paying a mortgage and probably paying really high taxes. What else would a rich playboy miss besides the cars the drugs and the girls? Quite simply: nothing. Not even a framed Michael Jordan jersey.

[via The New York Post]

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