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ATO Fraternity House Party Spills Out Onto Front Lawn, Gets Them Suspended

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Getting suspended for a party that wasn’t supposed to be thrown isn’t exactly big news in the fraternity world. It happens all the time, and the formula is pretty standard. Plan a party you aren’t allowed to throw, tell all the members to be super serious about not getting caught, all the members agree to be super serious about not getting caught, all the members proceed to get outrageously drunk and stop giving a fuck about whether or not they get caught, the fraternity gets caught. It’s standard procedure, and seems to be the case with the University of Central Florida’s ATO chapter as well. They threw an unregistered party over the summer, while on probation, and were found out mostly because their members weren’t in any way acting like they were throwing an unregistered party, let alone throwing one at a school that’s been cracking down on Greek life as hard as UCF.

Considering the fact that ATO was already on probation, you have to wonder why they didn’t try to lock it up a little more for their “New Year’s in July” party. This is a pretty classic example of when TFTC goes wrong.

Several people were passed out on the lawn — one of them lying in his own vomit — and others were drunk and stumbling from the chapter house when a UCF police officer arrived at the ATO fraternity in July to investigate reports of an illicit party, according to university documents released Wednesday.

Police first learned of the party when they spotted a young woman sitting on the sidewalk and drinking from a bottle partially covered by a brown bag, a police report showed.

The bottle was Smirnoff vodka, and the woman, who appeared to have trouble standing, told the officer she got it from the ATO house.

At the fraternity, the office discovered an “open house party,” which had not been registered with the university as required. The officer told the fraternity president that everyone had to leave, but no one complied with his orders. More officers were needed to clear the party.

Police also reported that most rooms in the house had “bars” set up and were offering drinks to partygoers, even those younger than legal drinking age.

The fraternity, which calls itself “the premier social fraternity at UCF,” accepted responsibility for the incident, according to the university’s letter.

The ATO front lawn sounds like it was a drunken graveyard. Where was exec in all of this? If you’re throwing a party that could potentially get you in deep shit, then keeping people off the front lawn seems like it should be a top priority.

“Fuck it brah! We’re the premier social fraternity at UCF! They can’t touch us! WE’RE GONNA LIVE FOREVER!”

This was gross negligence on the part of ATO’s exec board. This is also what happens when you don’t have any pledges you can make sober monitor, since nobody was willing to deal with the (presumably) bitchy girl, the one who inadvertently attracted the police to the property, sitting by herself on the curb slugging vodka from a brown bag. Those conversations are never fun, and there aren’t many, if any, actives that want to deal with telling the drunk and difficult girl what to do.

Guy: Hey, uh you need to go back into the house. You can’t drink that out here.

Girl: (*hammered*) Niiio! I’m not going back in there. Brandon was being a dick.

Guy: Okay, I don’t really know anything about that but you can’t sit outside the house and drink this vodka. You either need to go back inside or go somewhere else.

Girl: Fuck you. You guys are fags anyway. I like SAE so much better. They’re so much hotter. Y’all are losers. All your parties are fuggin’ lame. Have fun with that fat girl, Brandon.

Guy: I’m not Brandon.

Girl: (*seductively-ish*) What’s yer name?

Guy: Steve…

Girl: (*suggestively*) Where d’you live?

Guy: Right there, in that house, the one I’m asking you not to drink in front of.

Girl: (*spitefully*) That fucking party was lame.

Guy: Whatever, fuck this, have fun on the curb.

(*5 Minutes Later*)

Police Officer: Ma’am, what’s in the bag?

Girl: Vokka.

Police Officer: Where’d you get that?

Girl: (*points to ATO*) In there. They’re throwing a shitty party and you should break it up and arrest all the fat girls in there.

Police Officer: (*into Walkie-Talkie*) Calling all units…

ATO can appeal their suspension, but considering this happened at UCF, a successful appeal will probably be difficult to achieve.

[via The Orlando Sentinel]


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