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Atlanta Braves Set American Flag On Fire At Their Home Opener

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The Atlanta Braves joined the ranks of Occupy protesters, anarchists, and anti-war hippies after they managed to set the Stars and Stripes on fire at their home opener against the Mets. Apparently not observing any kind of safety regulations or flag procedures, the Braves set off their fireworks display incredibly close to Old Glory. Perhaps they decided to take “The Star Spangled Banner” a little too literally when it came to the “bombs bursting in air” line? In any case, after their tribute to America went awry, the flag was not there and that kind of killed any patriotism boner the crowd might have had for fireworks, baseball, and a proudly waving American flag.

I’m sure someone in the front office was absolutely shitting bricks over this. You don’t want to start off your season with setting the symbol of America on fire, especially when your sport is the most American one we’ve got. You’re a team named after native Americans, playing America’s sport, in one of our oldest cities. Way to fuck it up, Atlanta. Hopefully, for Bacon’s sake, this isn’t an omen for the rest of the season. As a Nationals fan, this somewhat eases the pain of coming in second to them last year.

Never forget, Atlanta.

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