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Astronaut Demands NASA Give Him The SEC Network On The Space Station

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Barry “Butch” Wilmore, a NASA astronaut heading up to the International Space Station on September 25th, had one special request before he slips free the surly bonds of Earth and touches the face of God: to watch some ESSSSS EEEEEE SEEEEE FEEEWWTTBAAWWWLLLL.

Wilmore, a former football player at Tennessee Tech who has already logged 259 hours in space, says that while he isn’t a huge sports fan, SEC football is one of his passions.

“I don’t watch a lot of sports — my wife might not agree with that — but I do like to watch football, the SEC Game of the Week, and I try to catch Tech every chance I get,” Wilmore recently told The Tennessean.

No word on whether or not Wilmore also requested an autumn’s supply of barbecued ribs and cheap beer, though it does feel safe to assume that before the season is over he will undoubtedly get into a fist fight (that he started) with another crew member over a minor slight about the team Wilmore is rooting for.

The SEC Network, which is already in the midst of the most popular launch in ESPN history, has to feel good about this. Not only is the channel so hyped that it’s now being requested off-planet, but in the last week it’s gotten more requests in space than The Longhorn Network has had on Earth. Impressive stuff.

[via Saturday Down South]

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