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Ask Intern Sydney

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Intern Sydney

1. I’ve only read a couple of your columns (sorry – haha) but I’m a TFM fan and I noticed your Instagram pic at the Cosmo here in Vegas. Maybe the next time you’re in Vegas, we could host you at a Triple-A baseball game and have you throw out the first pitch at a game. Thoughts?

I can’t even stay on a bike. If you think I’m coordinated enough to throw out the first pitch at a baseball game, you’re absolutely out of your mind. However, feel free to still fly me and friends out to Vegas.

2. So really. What do I have to do to get you to come to a formal with me?

My most frequently asked question has me thinking. How great of a story would it be. Maybe, just maybe I’ll take someone up on the offer this semester.

3. So are you ever going to tell us why you got arrested for theft?

Alright I’m going to answer this one time so you all stop asking me. My sophomore year of college I got in trouble for using another girl’s driver’s license to get into bars, something nearly every college student has done at one point. However, I got more screwed over than you can imagine. Instead of getting just a ticket, the lovely officer decided to charge me with theft of a driver’s license. I didn’t know the girl and definitely didn’t steal her ID, but that’s the story. In the end it got dismissed but it’s still on my record. Bottom line, be careful using fakes.

4. I’m into this girl but haven’t hung out enough in social settings to know if she could like me or not, should I ask her on a date or being a jr in college, is that considered stupid and I have to hang at parties and talk to her there a lot?

Ugh. I hate the boys of this generation. WHY is it considered stupid to ask a girl on a date at any age? You don’t have to be overboard about it. Just ask her if she wants to grab lunch or dinner sometime. Girls will appreciate this much more than a drunken conversation at your fraternity party she won’t remember the next morning.

5. So I attend Boise state and am involved in A fraternity and just finished my first year. Long story short Greek life blows, all the sororities are full of chicks that literally are just there to make friends and do arts and crafts. There are about 10 percent of sorority girls that party and they’re all part of one sorority. The frats have some potential, they just don’t capitalize. No crazy parties, no good dances and a very limited amount of fun. Weekends are littered with shitty well lighted house parties, with one beer pong table in the middle of the room… We are desperate for a Greek life make over. Tfm help us out

You go to school in Idaho. What the hell did you expect?

6. Are you going to work for TFM next summer?

Next summer I’ll be graduated (RIP). I’m actually planning on moving to Australia and working there for a couple of months post graduation, so if any Australians are reading this, HMU.

7. What advice do you have for me going into my freshman year of college not knowing anyone?

I went into Texas State knowing no one — best decision I could have made. A majority of people I went to high school with went off to college with all their friends. Guess what? They didn’t branch out and only hang out with those same people four years later. Obviously, if you go Greek you won’t have a problem meeting hundreds of new people. You’ll be thankful you’re not surrounded by the same idiots from high school eventually.

8. Want to hear a joke about pizza?

Want to send me a pizza and never speak to me again?

9. Saw you snapchat.. Did someone for real send you $500?

Yes, and I’ve decided from now on no one can DM me unless they plan on sending me at least $100. You’ve been warned.

10. WHEN are you going to be on Dorn’s podcast?

With a full schedule this semester I can’t come into the office anymore, but maybe I’ll make a special appearance.

11. I’m rushing in the Fall what frat is the best at Texas State?

Don’t get caught up in which is “the best.” Everyone is going to have their own opinions about each fraternity based on different experiences. Go with whichever chapter you click best with (this goes for girls rushing, too). Go to their parties and find out for yourself, don’t go in with preconceived notions.

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Mac and cheese enthusiast. First runner-up for most humorous in high school. D-list celebrity. Professional social media stalker.

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