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Ask Bacon Anything On Cyber Dust Today

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Normally I prefer to converse with TFM fans in person, because they’re usually a little more polite and I’m usually a lot more drunk than when we converse online during work hours. That said, here we fuckin’ go. I’m doing an AMA on Total Frat Move’s Cyber Dust account, +TotalFratMove. Be sure to download Cyber Dust and add us because 1) I want everything Mark Cuban does to succeed, 2) We moved our Rush Boobs photo galleries there because our advertisers are real boners about you all getting boners from this site, and 3) Like I said, so you can bother me this afternoon instead of paying attention in class.

If you don’t know anything about Cyber Dust, it’s the app that actually doesn’t save or store anything you send. That means all the death threats and post-deuce pics you send me won’t be sitting on a server waiting to be unearthed to ruin you during your future, Clay Trenton-esque Senate campaign. It’s probably also not a bad way to communicate with your fraternity so some weepy GDI looking for anything to get up in arms about and protest doesn’t stumble across an off color joke only a select few people were supposed to see and get 40,000 strangers to condemn you and your friends and call for your expulsion.

It’s a useful app, is what I’m trying to say.

I’ll see you bastards at 3pm CST on Cyber Dust. Download the app ASAP and add +TotalFratMove.

Download Cyber Dust, Add +TotalFratMove, and Ask Bacon Anything

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