Arkansas Fan Gets Truck Sticked After Invading Field At College World Series

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arkansas college world series

Drinking is a lot of fun. Drinking at sporting events — that’s even more fun. Drinking at sporting events to the point where you think it’s a good idea to take a scenic tour of the field of play? Well that’s the most fun… until you get sacked by the secret service-level security these places employ and dragged off the premises.

How about that form tackle? Someone look into that grounds crew guy’s eligibility. His awareness is off the charts. Sure, his perp was moving so slowly that it was basically the same as wrapping up a tackling dummy, but you’ve got to appreciate the sense of urgency. I know who I’m calling upon when the game’s on the line and we need a goal line stand.

Full disclosure: the toxicology report is still not in, so I can’t confirm that this kid’s BAC is through the roof. But, I do have eyeballs. Even the worst of athletes would have been able to pull off some sort of juke move here. That freeze-in-place technique, coupled with the triumphant over the head cheer, can only be explained by one thing: alcohol. That type of behavior is native exclusively to that of the “totally obliterated” segment of our population.

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We all have friends like this guy. You know, that one friend who shows up to the tailgate with a wobble in his step and you just know he’s been hitting it hard since 8 a.m. He’s that guy who is blacked out before kickoff and you have to physically restrain him from doing something absurd. Well, it appears that this time his boys were finally like, “Fine dude, go for it” — and go for it he sure did.

My favorite part is by far the voice of reason coming from the older gentleman in the front row: “They’re gonna arrest you… They’re gonna arrest you!” Pipe down, sir. Your logic may discourage this guy from carrying through on his ambitions.

Here’s to hoping it was worth it. It probably was not, but that’s okay; in the words of Phil Wenneck, “We tend to do dumb shit when we’re fucked up.” That’s all the reasoning he needs.

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