Are We About to Get A Donald Trump Sex Tape?

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No fucking way. No way in hell are we about to get a sex tape of The Donald.

This would absolutely make him the #1 pornstar on Pornhub. Stormy Daniels’ lawyer tweeted a photo of a disc that is locked away in a safe. One can only imagine that on that disc is a sex tape of Donald and Stormy doing the nasty. Why else would you keep a disc in a safe? Who even uses discs anymore? Put that on a USB drive. Get with the program. This is 100% a video of Donald Trump and Stormy Daniels having sex.

I would watch this video the second it was uploaded to Pornhub. I don’t even care if it’s not HD, and that’s saying something. Imagine the dirty talk. It would be a thrill ride that can only be paralleled by skydiving from space into a volcano. I can’t even fathom how The Donald would talk when things got hot. “Oh yeah, tell me I’m the best, most sane man you’ve been with. Not like those other losers.”

I haven’t been this excited about anything since I got Chipotle for the first time. The public NEEDS to see this video. It would bring the people together — everybody in American would watch it. You’re lying if you say you wouldn’t watch it. The nation would benefit immensely from this video. Presidential porn is the key to the restructure of America. The American people need this video. Make it happen.

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