Are The Power 5 Football Conferences Going To Dissolve Into One Giant League?

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Are The Power 5 Football Conferences Going To Dissolve Into One Giant League?

Are we on our way to never having the “which conference reigns supreme” argument? No SEC. No Big 12. No Big Ten. No ACC. No Pac-12.

The Power 5 college football conferences could be in for a major shakeup or even dissolved in about ten years, according to writer Chip Brown.

Brown’s the go-to guy on everything conference realignment related. He broke the story in 2010 about the Pac-12 looking to grab six teams from the Big 12 and he’s been on the beat ever since.

According to him, the Power 5 conferences’ idea is to break into six, 11-team divisions and negotiate a giant TV contract as one entity.

When Brown says this is “likely to be the next big move in realignment,” you’ve gotta listen.

The article is worth a read in full, but here’s the gist of it:

The major conferences want the kind of TV contract money the NFL is getting ($27 billion through 2022) and are willing to join forces when many of their deals are up in 2024/2025.

It’s all plausible, but there are still a ton of hurdles to jump here. First, you’ve got to convince people that less football is better, more lucrative football. Brown speculates an 11-game season — playing your division around and one non-conference matchup — with a 16-team playoff.

The only thing that really annoys me about this is the fact that schools will be playing the same teams every. single. year. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather not watch the flaming bag of dog shit Kansas poop onto the field every goddamn year.

Dividing what schools play who will also be an enormous challenge. For some, the geographical change wouldn’t result in a massive change on who they already play. For others, it’s entirely different (i.e. Kansas, Kansas State, Clemson playing all current SEC teams). You’d basically be telling tradition to suck a big fat one.

The geographic realignment and the grab for more money makes sense, but this seems like way too much of a dramatic change. Give me the SEC or give me death!

[via Horns Digest]

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