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Apparently A Bunch Of Nazis Spent Their Post-War Lives Collecting Social Security In America, And Social Security Knew

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Maybe it’s because I went to see “Fury” last night, but for some reason this news pisses me off a little more than usual. Okay, fine, it’s definitely because I saw “Fury” last night. Holy shit does that movie hate Nazis in the most awesome way possible. Brad Pitt working a .50 cal on top of Sherman, shouting “Shut up and send me more pigs to kill” in German at the SS unit talking shit while they attack his tank will make you want to chug a Camo Busch from betwixt a rockin’ set of tits and high five a bald eagle. At some points I assumed that was the emotional response David Ayer was actually trying to illicit.

Regardless, news that 66 Nazis lived a nice, quiet, government funded life in the U.S. after World War II, probably Apt Pupil’ing weird teens in innocent American suburbs (so many dead hobos), is pretty annoying. Not only that, but these weren’t just some German Wehrmacht grunts sitting in a bunker, pulling guard duty on the Atlantic Wall during the war. These were the guys cleaning out Jewish Ghettos and overseeing slave labor. Do we not have The Mossad on speed dial?

The shittiest detail of all, however, is how the U.S. got these Nazis to leave the country.

…according to the report, once these former Nazis were discovered, payments continued after they were expelled from the country in a bid to encourage them to leave the United States peacefully.

We just let them go and kept paying them American tax dollars to keep quiet about… what? Getting paid American tax dollars? WHAT?!?! Did we think they were going to say something otherwise? I’m pretty sure that would have involved them, you know, revealing that they’re secret genocidal maniacs and inviting a handful of Israeli commandos to install a triggered bomb on every light switch, ignition, and power button they owned. Paying Social Security to someone you didn’t know was a Nazi is excusable. Those guys were pretty decent at hiding themselves. Paying Social Security to a Nazi to keep him quiet about paying Social Security to a Nazi after you found out he was one because you don’t want to “make a scene” is INSANE.

Apparently there are at least four of these Nazis still alive and receiving checks. If you ask me, it’s totally inexcusable to have the government give money to former Nazis… unless they’re making us badass missiles to point at the Russians.

[via The Atlantic]

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