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Another Random Entity Ranks The Best College Towns In America; Here’s The Top 20

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It’s always interesting to read college town rankings, and by interesting I mean it’s a great way to pass six minutes, scrolling through to see if your school’s town made it among the ten or twelve usuals and the randos that have no business being on the list, because fuck ’em.

Someone should really make a comprehensive list of every college town’s average rank, based on the dozens upon dozens of outlets that make up these arbitrary rankings. I’d do it, but that would involve doing research, instead of the work I usually do when I write, which is to just quietly sip a cup of coffee as I think of the most disgustingly graphic words I can slap together.

Sagging scrotum flapping in the gust of a queef.

Anyway, here are these rankings based on The American Institute of Economic Research’s College Destination Index, which weighs towns based on their academic environment, quality of life, and professional opportunities.

  1. Ithaca, NY (Cornell University)
  2. Ames, IA (Iowa State University)
  3. Corvallis, OR (Oregon State University)
  4. Iowa City, IA (University of Iowa)
  5. State College, PA (Penn State University)
  6. Fargo, ND (North Dakota State University)
  7. Champaign-Urbana, IL (University of Illinois)
  8. Columbia, MO (University of Missouri)
  9. Missoula, MT (University of Montana)
  10. College Station, TX (Texas A&M University)
  11. Charlottesville, VA (University of Virginia)
  12. Lafayette, IN (Purdue University)
  13. Lawrence, KS (University of Kansas)
  14. Fairbanks, AK (University of Alaska)
  15. Bloomington, IN (Indiana University)
  16. Morgantown, WV (West Virginia University)
  17. Grand Forks, ND (University of North Dakota)
  18. Binghamton, NY (Binghamton University)
  19. Mankato, MN (Minnesota State University Mankato)
  20. Logan, UT (Utah State University)

So, yeah, sure, why not? Though maybe we should base these on drink prices and bars per student.

[via Business Insider]

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