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Anonymous Big Ten Basketball Player Opens Up About The Sex Competitions The Team Had

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Being a collegiate athlete has its perks. There is the free schooling, the free tutoring, the free food, and, of course, the cleat-chasers. All in all, it’s a pretty good life to live, I would assume. One anonymous basketball player from the Big Ten sat down with NY Mag to discuss the topic of sex.

From the NY Mag:

Sometimes the guys on the team get competitive about sex. Our freshman summer we actually made it a competition: Who could have sex with the most girls. We had a point system, and we called ourselves the EFC: Elite Fucking Committee. We’d keep track and meet up on Sunday and tell stories.

The Elite Fucking Committee might be the greatest name for a committee that I’ve ever heard. In fact, I’m going to start my own committee. I’m interested to know what their point system was. Did you get a point for a blowie, two points for intercourse, and ten points for anal? Also, did they rate the looks of the females? So many questions I need answers to.

This dude was banging around five times a week, and sometimes three times on a good weekend. Sounds awesome, right? Well, the way he talked about it, he sounded a little sad.

Many of them are just hooking up with me because I’m a basketball player. They’re using me as well. We’re men, got our hormones and everything, and we kind of just want to release those every now and then. Hooking up does depend on what the girl looks like to a certain degree, and then it depends if I’m tired or not.

Oh look at me, I have so much sex and I’m a basketball player. Wa wa. No need to complain, my man. You’re swimming in tail. That’s the dream.

[via NY Mag]

Image via YouTube

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