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An Interview With Day Rage Performer David Dulcie and the Rag Tag Army

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David Dulcie and the Rag Tag Army are about as FaF as a band can be. How do I know this? Well for one, I listened to their music (which you can listen to here). Their sound, if you wanted to describe it in simple terms, is southern rock. But to give you a better idea of what their music is like, consider this: after a day listening to David Dulcie and the Rag Tag Army in the office the TFM staff spent the evening pounding beers until we were blackout drunk. When I awoke there were literally hundreds of holes punched in the drywall and Allen was giving CPR to a stripper (she lived).

The next morning we had the interns patch up the holes in the wall as we collected ourselves. After a three second discussion we decided that we had to book this band for the TFM Day Rage. Being fraternity men themselves (from Baylor) David Dulcie and the Rag Tag Army were gracious enough to accept our invitation. I’m happy to say I had a chance to speak with them recently about their upcoming performance at Day Rage.


Describe your music to the TFM audience. Why is it going to rock the faces off of all the Day Ragers?

Its American, that’s why.

How has the band been influenced by its members being in fraternities?

We are not GDI’s therefore our music is inherently better than everyone else’s.

What’s your favorite thing about playing for fraternity/sorority events?

We only play for sororities.

What’s the craziest venue/show you’ve ever played?

We played for a Baylor Health Fair once. The show was sick.

What most excites you about playing at TFM’s Day Rage?

The “Rage” part.

I’ve always assumed the ultimate goal of a band like yours is to play at a country venue staffed by Swayze-esque bouncers. Where do you guys hope to go with your music?

To play at a country venue staffed by Swayze-esque bouncers. Then we could die happy.

You guys are from Baylor so I have to ask, will you be covering “Kappa Rap 2?”

No, but we will be bringing them with us. Give them VIP passes and they may do it themselves.

  • Ed. Note: omgomgomgomgomgomgomg
  • If you had to describe your band (musically, morally, socially, or whatever) with a “TFM” from the site, which one would it be?

    Saw a geed at my party wearing Brooks Brothers. I walked up to him, dumped my beer on him, tore his shirt off, pinched his sausage nips, cold-cocked him in the jaw, threw him down the stairs, and told him never to come back. TFM.

    Are you prepared to be booed by the crowd until you play “Wagon Wheel” at least nine times consecutively?

    No worries. We planned to open with 10 consecutive runs of “Wagon Wheel” followed by a jam, then closing with “Wagon Wheel “ again.

    Which of your songs would best set the mood for some anonymous Porta Potty sex? In other words, what’s your most romantic song?

    Babe, Let’s Take This to the Porta Potty. It’s going to be a huge hit!

    Are you at all concerned that your wild country jams may whip the already raging crowd into such a frenzy that you’ll all be consumed by a debauchery powered tornado that gives neither fucks nor quarter?

    Yes. Very.

    There’s a decent chance that the devil himself shows up to TFM Day Rage. What will you do if Satan, master of darkness, decides to challenge the band to a musical competition a la “The Devil Went Down to Georgia?”

    Easy. We play “Wagon Wheel” for a 12th time.


    As you can see, David Dulcie and the Rag Tag Army is indeed FaF. So if you’d like to see them play Day Rage, along with legendary 80’s cover band LC Rocks and DJ Dick Perry, get your tickets to TFM Day Rage today. You do like raging, don’t you?

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