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An ASU Sorority Was Caught Hazing In Broad Daylight … JK It Was A Dumb Reality Show Stunt

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An apparent sorority hazing incident involving leashes, a paddle, a vodka bottle, and two girls in only their bras and shorts that occurred on the Arizona State University campus turned out to be a hoax. Yes, a true disappointment, I know. Ease that half chub back down and strap in because there’s a lot to unpack.


A viewer sent us cell phone video he shot and described what he called “an alarming incident,” saying there were several adults and families who were there as everything was happening.

It turns out that the “profoundly disturbing sight” was staged for the ABC show “What Would You Do?”

“I hope the event that I witnessed was somehow staged, although it did not appear to be,” wrote the man who contacted us via email.

That was the idea.

ASU spokesman Sean Storrs said the university received confirmation from the network that the young women were hired actors from New York City.

“ASU had no affiliation with this event,” Storrs wrote in an email response to our inquires to ASU President Michael Crow.

You’re telling me someone at ABC gets paid like $100K+ to think of extremely uncomfortable and disturbing social scenarios to put people through? Where TF do I apply? I did that for free for years! Holy cow shits this is twisted.

I imagine that phone call between ASU administrators and the ABC execs went over well. From the sounds of it, ABC was just kinda like, “Let’s publicly haze some chicks, do it at Arizona State, because that just seems like the right place to do it, and we won’t give anyone a heads up that we’re there. It’ll be fine. We’ll deal with any fallout afterwards. We good? Alright, break!”

Also, re: those actresses, this has got to be like, one, two at most, steps above porn.

If anything I wish ABC would have taken this whole thing as far as they could have. Obviously people, because people are stupid, are going to believe that this was a legitimate case of sorority hazing. Vodka, leashes, paddles, and bras? That’s an easy sell. They should’ve brought out an aroused stud horse, a bucket of lube, and a loaded revolver. (And, of course, the vodka.) Really see what you can get the dumb dumbs to believe. I’m fairly confident the answer to that is anything. Guarantee some pearl clutching safe spacer would have posted a picture of it all to Facebook with the caption/lie, “When I was in school I always heard rumors from Greek friends about Tri Pi having to get fucked by horses at gunpoint. So sad what some people will do for friends.”

Now that I think about it… excuse me, I have a pitch to go sell to TFM.


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