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American Nerds Destroy Danish Government’s Video Game Project, Further Prove American Dominance In Nerdiest Way Possible

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America just flat out dominates. This country is the antithesis of Roy Hibbert. It doesn’t matter the situation, the venue, or the players, because America is going to kick your ass. This nation has dominated in damn near every way possible, and it’s not done yet.

In what might just be the nerdiest display of American dominance to date, a bunch of gamers seem to have demolished a massive project created by the Danish government with the popular game Minecraft. Constructed as some type of teaching tool, the Danish Geodata Agency wanted to build a 1:1 scale model of the entire nation of Denmark. Unfortunately for them, a bunch of American nerds found out about the project and quickly obliterated the model until there was nothing but American flags and tanks covering the area.

What used to be a model of Denmark was turned into a pile of Danish rubble with American patriotism spewing from its ashes. With giant American flags built across the landscape and “AMERICA” written in red, white, and blue across the sky, it’s not hard to figure out who won the online battle. Unsurprisingly, the Danish government surrendered to the American invaders and chose not to rebuild the project, leaving America victorious yet again.

The losers took it in stride, though, and even acknowledged that the essence of the game is to destroy and rebuild.

From Gamespot:

“We consider that as a nature of playing Minecraft – elements are broken down and new are being created,” Danish Geodata Agency spokesman Chris Hammeken told The Register. “Therefore we will not reboot the demonstration of Denmark in Minecraft. But occasionally we will rebuild minor areas if buildings are removed and nothing new is being created.”

For now, let’s chalk it up as another American victory on foreign soil.

Damn, I feel nerdy now.

[via Gamespot]

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