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Alpha Chi Omega NOT Punished For “Offensive” Photos, Sanity Prevails, PC Douches Still Offended

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It’s been well established by now that your sorority or fraternity dressing up like stereotypes is probably not a great idea. Taking pictures of those costumes and posting them to various social media accounts is an even poorer idea. The complain-y types, who are apparently trolling the social media accounts of sorority girls now, are bound to get offended. Unfortunately, when they’re complaining about Greek Life, people tend to listen and often times join in with a hearty chorus of “rabble rabble rabble!” Then, that outrage inevitably shows up in my Google newsfeed, so I’m forced to read more stock outrage quotes from PC douchebags who have nothing better to do than complain, then I lose a little more faith in humanity, and finally, I pour a little extra bourbon into my coffee to numb the sadness and rage. I think at this point my morning coffee is at like 60% bourbon.

Still, it’s basically a crock of shit when a fraternity or sorority gets in trouble for this type of thing, a few extreme examples excluded, because really, who cares? People can dress however the hell they want. Thankfully the administration at California State University – San Marcos didn’t (completely) cave to the outrage of a few oversensitive individuals after the school’s Alpha Chi Omega chapter recently had some photos of members dressed as “Cholas,” a.k.a. Latina gang members posted to Instragram by a member.

“Behaviors that violate our values don’t always violate our rules,” Cathy Baur, associate vice president for communications at CSU-San Marcos, told The Huffington Post, in explaining why the sorority members would not face sanctions.

You’re a saint, Cathy Baur. What a perfectly rational response. Thank you for being good at your job.

The best part of this story though, by far, is that some of the Alpha Chis dressed as Cholas were actually Latina. Of course their opinion doesn’t count, because, I don’t know, fuck it, right?

“They have no notion or understanding of the ramifications these pictures can create,” Margarita Uribe, a CSU-San Marcos student, told KGTV. “We don’t feel safe. We feel a constant ridicule or mockery of our culture.”

Yup, those Latinas who dressed up as Cholas totally have no understanding of their own culture. To be fair though, Uribe might not have been informed that some of the girls dressing this way were Latina. Still, since when is being in a gang a part of Latin culture? Especially a part that should be defended or celebrated? If anything should be mocked about a culture, shouldn’t it be the crappiest parts? That’s why I make like seven meth dealer jokes a day, being a white guy from Missouri. Get back to me when someone is offensively portraying Sonia Sotamayor.

It’s nice to see a university not lose their shit over what should be considered a minor incident at best.

[via The Huffington Post]


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