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Airport Security Won’t Let Guys Take $1,300 Bottle Of Wine On Plane, They Chug It Instead

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Airport Security Won't Let Guys Take $1,300 Bottle Of Wine On Plane, They Chug It Instead

Recently, two men were just trying to bring a nice $1,300 bottle of wine designed to get you horny AF in their carry-on bag. Unfortunately for them, the bottle seemed to be a bit bigger than your typical three ounces. The bottle, which is shaped like a tiger, caught the attention of one of the airport security officials.

When she asked them to present the bottle, she discovered the wine and told them they couldn’t take it on the plane. The two men, Yang and Wang, tried to negotiate with her.

From Shanghaiist:

“Little girl, it’s good stuff inside. It’s aphrodisiac wine that was bought from my buddy’s hometown. You know, it’s very very expensive,” Wang said. “It cost us a good 8,000 yuan.

Wang has a set of cojones on him. First off, just belittling the woman by calling her a little girl and then trying to impress her with the price of the wine he just bought. He also nonchalantly mentions the aphrodisiac part of it, letting her know he’s ready if she is.

She wouldn’t budge, however. She told him that typically the liquid should be in checked luggage, but they wouldn’t allow liquid in that large of quantity in checked baggage. The men did what any rational individual would do. They chugged it.

As Wang and Yang were in a rush for their flight, the two decided not to waste it and heroically began to consume the entire bottle’s worth.

As they downed the wine, another airport official tried to tell them that they wouldn’t let drunk passengers on the plane. Wang ain’t no lightweight, though. He let him know he’s a seasoned drinker. This was his response:

“We both can drink like a fish.

I have a feeling that there were a few lucky ladies who caught some wang on this flight. Let this be a lesson: Never let anyone stand between you and your alcohol. That means no man, no girl, no police officer, and surely not airport security.

[via Shanghaiist]

Image via Shutterstock

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