Air Marshals Are Essentially Being Paid To Have Sex And Party Around The World

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Being a U.S. Air Marshal is not as strenuous of a job as Liam Neeson makes it out to be in the cinematic classic “Non-Stop.” There’s been no real threat since the inception of the Federal Air Marshal Service, and a recent investigation into the agency makes the job sound like college life on steroids.

Now sure, they have to rough it out with the peasants that fly commercial, and worst yet, coach, but they travel around the world for free and get put up in high-end hotels all on the taxpayers’ dime. Those with enough clout at the agency can essentially make their own schedule and pick their destinations according to the report.

If they wanted to go golfing in Scotland, they grabbed their badge, gun, and clubs before catching the next flight. They wanted to go see their side chick in Miami? They jammed their pockets full of rubbers and got in touch with their Soflo coke connection.

From Reveal News:

The party atmosphere went beyond drinking and having numerous lovers around the country, [former air marshal Jay] Lacson and others say. Lacson said he knew air marshals on international missions who purchased steroids, testosterone, Viagra and other pharmaceutical drugs without prescriptions and brought them back into the United States.

Current and former air marshals also describe co-workers routinely hiring prostitutes while on layovers – an act similar to what caused a 2012 scandal within the Secret Service.

“That’s what it’s become: ‘Where are we going drinking tonight, and how many hookers are we picking up?’ ” he said. “The majority of the people I flew with, the men that are married and have families, they go out and they pick up prostitutes overseas. It’s a way to kill time.”

What, you think guys with nothing but free time on their hands are going to not drink, pop, and fuck everything in sight? Plus, dealing with airports are the worst. If you’re seriously waiting for your flight at the gate without hitting up the terminal bar, snorting lines in the bathroom, or sneaking off to the Marriott with a call girl you’re a psychopath. It’s that simple.

I have no problem with their lifestyle, so long as when that day of action finally comes, they put a bullet between Jihadi John’s eyes.

[via Reveal News]

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