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Air Canada Pilots Need A New Way To Pass Time, Told To Stop Bringing Porn Into The Cockpit

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Since 9/11, the world has been devoid of any insight into the activities inside of a commercial airliner’s flight deck. No one except for the pilot and first officer are privy to that information. That’s probably a good thing, though, at least if you’re flying Air Canada.

Air Canada officials recently sent out an email instructing their pilots to stop bringing pornography into the cockpit. Yep, that happened. While you’re desperately avoiding the obese sack of lard spilling over into your seat, your pilot may be enjoying the privacy of his secure compartment.

From Consumerist:

In the email titled “Inappropriate Material in the Embraer Flight Deck,” the chief pilot writes that this is an ongoing problem and it’s time to cut it out.

“I am disappointed to have to raise this issue once again but unfortunately we have some people that have yet to understand the message,” he wrote, adding that the airline was trying to find the people responsible.

“Once they are identified they will be subject to discipline to the full extent of the law and our corporate policies.”

That warning email — the second of two sent in about a year — didn’t stop all the smut smuggling, apparently, as porn was reportedly discovered on a jet as recently as February. Add all the way back six years ago, a female pilot claimed she saw pornographic images glued and tucked into parts of the cockpit, including some violent images.

While it’s not entirely absurd to think that pilots need something to occupy their time on long flights – especially in today’s technologically advanced world – pornography is only good for one thing, and that is not killing time with your co-worker. Nobody in his or her right mind browses PornHub as if it’s Netflix. The two exist separately for a reason. So, this brings me to my biggest question. What the fuck is going on in the front of those planes?

We’ll probably never know exactly what has been occurring in those Air Canada cockpits. However, should the offenders be caught white-handed, I’m positive they will apologize profusely for their actions like true Canadians.

Keep it real, neighbor.

[via Consumerist]

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