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A Texas Cop Caught A Kid Smoking Weed And Gave Him A Hilariously Texas-y Punishment

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Hank Hill is a cartoon character based on very real people. This is a guy riding a horse away from being one of the more Texas-y stories I’ve seen in a while.

A teen suspected of smoking pot outside a movie theater in Arlington, Texas caught an unusual break from an off-duty cop.

He may have gotten off with sore arms instead of legal trouble after the officer ordered him to do 200 push-ups and let him off with a warning, according to ABC affiliate WFAA.

The officer, identified as Eric Ball, said he was working off-duty that night at the Arlington movie theater, when someone told him a teenager was smoking weed outside.

When he went out, he said he saw the teenager finishing a cigarette and discarding it, and he smelled marijuana as he approached.

“He said, ‘You give me 200 push-ups, I won’t put you in jail,'” according to Cook.

Officer Ball played high school football, where push-ups are often meted out for discipline as well as conditioning.

“Back in my day only the hippies and the losers toked grass. Okay? The cool kids got high on competition and sportsmanship. You remember that.”

A cop doling out a punishment from his high school football days to a troublesome teen screams, “I live below the Mason Dixon line.” Still, good on this cop for not making this a bigger deal than it needed to be. I really wish this would have happened to me one of the three or four times I ended up getting an MIP. Then again police officers tend to be less forgiving of a guy denying that he just barfed on a sidewalk, slurring the words, “Prove it, prove it, prove it,” over and over again even though it was clearly him. But God I could’ve used the exercise.

Congrats kid, you won the teenage crime lottery.

[via ABC]

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