Female Ted Cruz Look-alike Offered $10K For Sex Tape

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Although she previously had no knowledge about Cruz’s campaign, 21-year-old Searcy Hayes became an internet sensation after an appearance on the Maury Povich show revealed their almost identical faces. Normally I wouldn’t consider it a compliment to look like Ted Cruz. There’s something about him that’s always seemed a little off to me. He looks like a melted wax sculpture of Marco Rubio. But luckily for Hayes, being a female Ted Cruz has its perks.

Hayes has been offered $10,000 in exchange for a 6-minute sex tape featuring her and her fiancé, Freddie Green. thinks Hayes is the perfect way to capitalize on the explosion of a meme.

From Huffington Post:

“We wanted Searcy because overnight she became a viral meme,” XHamster spokesman Mike Kulich told The Huffington Post. “I think a lot of XHamster viewers really wanted to see her in action.”

I’m not sure what kind of perverted freakshow could watch even a second of this woman getting pounded out without gagging, but I guess there’s some sick individuals out there. Like they say, different strokes for different folks.

Hayes claims the sex tape would be solely to support those she loves.

“I’m fine with it because everything is going to support my family,” she said. “I want to get my son whatever he wants.”

Admirable. But as if this poor bastard’s life wasn’t going to be hard enough with his Maury Povich parents raising him, he’ll now have this traumatizing cloud looming over his head the rest of his life.

[via Huffington Post]

Image via Youtube

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