A Starbucks Barista Made A Fat Joke Out Of A Guy’s Order Name Because Working At Starbuck Probably Sucks

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A Starbucks barista in St. Augustine, Florida was halfway through entering a large to-go order into the register when they looked around at all the amateur writers paying $3 a day for a workspace, people without offices having business meetings with an upwards of four figures on the line, leathery female Florida divorcees trying to ease their post Jimmy Buffett and random beach sex hangovers, and that barista just thought, “Fuck all these motherfuckers.” So they punched in the next order, a 16oz cup of essentially candy and uppers, and decided the asshole who ordered it needed to be knocked down a peg or two. 


Regardless of what the barista was thinking (but what I wrote feels right) they definitely wrote “DIABETES HERE I COME” on a Grande White Chocolate Mocha order, and the recipient wasn’t thrilled.

Via ABC News:

The customer, who prefers to remain anonymous, shared the photo on Facebook with local news station WJAX-TV in Jacksonville, Florida. He said he works near the Starbucks and another employee picked up coffees for the staff, according to their report. When the customer got his cup he noticed the unusual message on his label.

Apparently, he did not find the label very humorous, particularly since he said he has family members afflicted with the disorder. He wrote underneath the label, “2 of my sisters are diabetic, so…not funny.”

I mean, the barista’s not wrong. Sure, potentially fat shaming isn’t the nicest thing to do — even though Americans ordering white chocolate grande mochas an hour before lunch is the reason our obesity rate is through the roof and partially why the healthcare system is so expensive. But also, ordering a big ole cup of chocolate when diabetes runs in your family sounds like what a dumb person who’s for sure going to get diabetes would do.

Obviously the barista was in the wrong, from a personal and “professional” standpoint. It’s not their business what someone wants to order and how that affects their life. The barista deserves to be fired. That’s not really debatable.

That said, I do sympathize with the barista. I worked at restaurants in high school and college, and one of the few things that kept me sane was fucking with customers. It’s a right of the under-employed. Playing the Meow Game from “Super Troopers,” acting like I put them on hold on the phone and then viciously “berating” coworkers so the customer could hear and then cheerily hopping back on the line to take their order, pretending to have horrible, loud breathing issues. Whatever. It was fun. I get it.

[via ABC News]

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