A New Weed Strand Named After Monica Lewinsky? God Bless America

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Monica Lewinsky officially has her own strain of weed now. And screw anyone that can read sentence that and not say 2017 was amazing.

The ex-White House employee is most known for…… do I really need to say it? She’s also now an anti-bullying activist. In the late ’90s, during the massive legal circus and media fiasco that happened when she talked into Bill Clinton’s mic, she became a national name in the most embarrassing way possible. Damn.

According to Lewinsky’s twitter, she recently discovered that a Washington-state based cannabis company called Sugarleaf has a new strand named after her. If having a strain of weed named after you isn’t the pinnacle of success, I honestly don’t know what is.

I’m declaring it; that’s officially the new standard. You’re a nobody until there’s a strain of weed named after you. I understand that this is gonna lose us a lot of heroes. Like Gandhi. Sorry Gandhi, but if you don’t have your own weed, we no longer care about you. You’re a little bitch, Gandhi.

(Sorry. Gandhi was a great man.)

According to the weed website (or weedsite™️) lemonhaze is a “hybrid flower,” and I wish I was cool enough to know what that means. The official Sugarleaf instagram page posted a picture of the Lewinsky weed with the caption “Monica Lewinsky looking sexy as all getup. Look out Bill!!” Are we really doin this?

Imagine you had a time machine and you could go back two decades and just yell the words “legal weed named after Monica Lewinsky.” God bless America.

Image via Instagram/ @thingsfromsteinfarm

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