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A Fiscal Ranking Of Every President Based On Net Wealth

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Forty-four presidents have made their way through the Oval Office. That’s a lot of money and power to pass through the doors of the White House. The guys over at Supercompressor ranked every president based off his net wealth from one to 44. We just broke them down into tiers.

The net wealth of each president is based off 2010 U.S. dollars.

Bottom Tier – Less than $1M

T-44. Harry Truman < $1M
T-44. Calvin Coolidge <$1M
T-44. Woodrow Wilson <$1M
T-44. Chester Arthur <$1M
T-44. James A. Garfield <$1M
T-44. Ulysses S. Grant < $1M
T-44. Andrew Johnson < $1M
T-44. Abraham Lincoln < $1M
T-44. James Buchanan – < $1M

Bottom Middle Tier – Between $1M and $20M

T-34. Warren G. Harding – $1M
T-34. William McKinley – $1M
32. Franklin Pierce – $2M
T-31. William Howard Taft -$3M
T-31. Rutherford B. Hayes -$3M
29. Millard Fillmore – $4M
T-28. Benjamin Harrison – $5M
T-28. William Henry Harrison – $5M
26. Zachary Taylor – $6M
T-25. Jimmy Carter – $7M
T-25. Gerald Ford – $7M
23. Dwight D. Eisenhower – $8M
22. James Polk – $10M
21. Barack Obama – $12M
20. Ronald Reagan – $13M
19. Richard Nixon – $15M
18. John Adams- $19M

Top Middle Tier – Between $20M and $100M

17. George W. Bush – $20M
16. John Quincy Adams – $21M
15. George H. W. Bush – $23M
14. Grover Cleveland – $25M
13. Martin Van Buren – $26M
12. James Monroe – $27M
11. John Tyler – $51M
10. Bill Clinton -$55M
9. Franklin D. Roosevelt – $60M
8. Herbert Hoover – $75M
7. Lyndon B. Johnson – $98M

Top Tier – Between $100M and $1B

6. James Madison – $101M
5. Andrew Jackson – $119M
4. Teddy Roosevelt – $125M
3. Thomas Jefferson – $212M
2. George Washington – $525M

The Leader Of The Pack

1. John F. Kennedy – $1B

Was there any doubt that JFK was going to lead the way by a wide margin? Guy was straight swimming in cash.

Plantation ownership, being a successful lawyer, and family money fueled the majority of these men’s fortunes. I had to cut the middle tier in two to put the Bushes and their oil money in a different class from Barry. Moral of the story: if you want to have presidential-type money, have family money and become a lawyer.

[via Supercompressor]

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