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65-Year-Old Former Marine Stops Bank Robbery

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Aside from being a total degenerate, you’re a dumbass if you attempt a bank robbery. There are so many security measures in place to keep a robber from getting away. There are cameras, silent alarms, dye packs, and a variety of other tools that banks employ to keep their customers’ assets safe. In a recent bank robbing in Florida, the best method of stopping an armed robbery in progress turned out to be something a little less conventional.

While in a bank in Cocoa, Florida, Eugene Storley witnessed an armed robbery taking place. The robber was wearing a hard hat and a surgical mask. Right off the bat, you know that this criminal isn’t the brightest out of the bunch. He wore a hard hat and a surgical mask to rob a bank. The point is to be discreet, idiot. The guy probably looked like he just came from doing open heart surgery at a construction site.

So, Billy the Bulldozer Doctor sticks a gun through the teller window. Storley, seeing this, let instinct kick in. According to Storley, the gun was too large and it didn’t fit well in the teller window. Storley took the opportunity this presented and caught the gunman off guard. He wrestled the perp to the ground, but he eventually broke free and fled the scene. Other people later described the perpetrator to the police. Shortly thereafter, he was captured.

I forgot to mention that Storley is a 5’7”, 65-year-old cancer survivor and a former United States Marine. The suspect was 6’4” and over twenty years younger than Storley. Talk about some old man strength.

Nothing I write can describe how much of a badass Eugene Storley is, so I’ll end with his own words regarding the incident:

“I’m pretty well trained. I know I could’ve gotten him. Even though the guy is like 6’6” and I’m only like 5’7″… It was pretty cool.”

[via Yahoo!]


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