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6 Shark Week Games To Get Your Dorsal Fin Harder Than Fuck

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shark 2

It’s that special time of year again! There is an electricity in the air that you can almost feel. If you were a shark, you actually could feel it because of the special receptors you’d have in your skin. During this momentous occasion, why not try to shake things up a little? Check out these fun Shark Week Shenanigans and try out any that tickle your tail fin.

Blood in the Water

A variation on Beer Pong, Blood in the Water uses the same rules as the classic but with an added element. When one side scores, the scorer gets to take a bonus shot but cover the ball in hot sauce. Each side can choose its own hot sauce to use as long as it’s red. Use the hot sauce anytime a bonus shot is taken.

Shark Pledge

Not a drinking game, Shark Pledge can be summoned by a brother and can be instructed to use his exceptional smelling ability to extract a fart from the vicinity by inhaling it deeply through his nose. He must hold his breath, swim away in a manner described by the brother and exhale the fart outside the room. Shark Pledge must hold his hand on top of his head like a dorsal fin the entire time.

Jaws Cup

Based on Flip Cup, this game follows the basic premise of its inspiration. The change is this: After the first person makes his cup, he must hold the cup in his mouth and sing the Jaws theme faster and faster until the next person on his team makes his cup. Each subsequent person follows suit.

Open Ocean

This is an ongoing game. It can be played over several days or weeks. Each player chooses an inconvenient and very conspicuous item such as a large pool noodle to be his dorsal fin. If two or more players, each with their respective fins, catch another player without his own fin on his person, the finless player must finish his drink, or if no drinks are being had at the time, agree to take a shot at a later time. If you want to get out of the game prematurely, you must make and eat shark fin soup with your dorsal fin in it. But come on, don’t do that. That’s not cool, bro. Plus it’s illegal in several states and you don’t want to take that kind of risk.

Power Hour: Shark Week Edition

It doesn’t have to be an hour. Just hang out and watch Shark Week programming. Take a sip of your drink anytime they say the word shark and finish your drink if you accidentally say the word yourself.

Feeding Frenzy

Get drunk and eat some fast food.

Happy Shark Week!

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Every week is Shark Week when you're a shark!

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