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6 College Football Games That Will Catch Your Attention This Weekend

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Week two of college football was the knee before halftime with 30 seconds left and your team at their own 40. Outside of the Hail Mary that never should have been, there just wasn’t much drama. This week, however, provides us with some juicy matchups that can make or break a team’s chances for the four team playoff. Here are six games to have on your TV this weekend.

#2 Florida State AT #10 Louisville

When: 11:00 a.m. on ESPN

This is a must watch so you can see Lamar Jackson play. I don’t wanna hype the kid’s Heisman chances when they can all die tomorrow, but the kid can play. It’s his first real defense he’ll face this season, so we’ll see how it plays out. FSU has some real fast talent on their roster so it’ll be the matchup of the day. Jackson versus FSU speed. Folks at ESPN (whoever was calling Houston/Cincy last night) described Jackson as a Cam Newton/Michael Vick mix because he’s the best athlete on the field. Premature? Guess we’ll find out.

#1 Alabama AT #19 Ole Miss

When: 2:30 p.m. on CBS

I’d be a buffoon to leave this game off the list. What used to be a ho-hum win for Nick Saban has now turned into his annual nightmare. Is Mississippi going to pull one out of their ass and make it three straight? The media world would love that so we can proclaim the SEC dead again, only to have Alabama win out on their way to the national championship again. It’s almost like Saban has it planned that way.

#22 Oregon AT Nebraska

When: 2:30 p.m. on ABC

I guess Nebraska has found some offense in the last few games while I wasn’t paying attention. Oregon always has offense, but you never get to watch them play because they start by the time you’re blacked out and have trouble seeing things straight. My girlfriend went to school with Oregon’s newest transfer QB Prukop, and her parents are friends with his parents. So naturally I’m rooting for the Cornhuskers. Should be a fun time at her parent’s house this weekend (her father is also an Aggie). 100 percent chance I’m single after Saturday.

#17 Texas A&M AT Auburn

When: 6:00 p.m. on ESPN

I love a good Big 12-SEC matchup. I have a hot friend who was a dancer at Auburn, so I am inclined to root for Auburn in this one. Really nothing more to say than that.

#12 Michigan State AT #18 Notre Dame

When: 6:30 p.m. on ABC

I included this game because I wasn’t allowed to include the SMU/Liberty game (6:00 on ESPN3 for those interested). On paper, it seems like a good matchup. Two ranked teams who have battled it out before. But in reality, this one is only watchable to see if Michigan State can put a fork in Notre Dame’s playoff chances. PGP’s John Duda is a big Michigan State guy and he’s been jawing all week at no one in particular, so I wouldn’t hate a Notre Dame win.

#3 Ohio State AT #14 Oklahoma

When: 6:30 p.m. on FOX

Before Alabama fans came around after a few titles, there weren’t two fan bases that annoyed me the most. I’m not quite sure why I’ve hated Ohio State so much since they beat Miami for the title way back when. Maybe it was because I know they got extremely lucky that year? OU’s hate is a given. Growing up in Texas, you were either a Longhorn, an Aggie, or a Sooner. All three pretty much hate each other. I grew up a Longhorn, but decided scholarship money at SMU was worth it. Athletically speaking, a pretty poor decision on my part. Really just kinda hoping both teams lose, maybe the stadium becomes a sinkhole.

Here are the games I’m losing money on this weekend. Yes, I went 1-5 last week, but at least I didn’t tell you to put money on them.

Oklahoma +1.5
Miami -3.5
Michigan -19.5
LSU -14
TCU -24.5
Stanford -8.5

Don’t quote me on those picks if you lose.

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