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3 Facts About Greek Systems That The Media Overlooks

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Basically everyday I wake up to an endless barrage of feminist opinion pieces, worthless “investigative reports,” and the sort of anti-Greek drivel that cements my belief that fraternities have become the Pete Rose of academia: a formerly beloved and iconic figure that is portrayed in the most negative way imaginable by what are supposed “news” outlets of feigned objectivity. Did Rose mess up? Sure. Have bad things occurred within Greek systems at assorted schools? Without a doubt. But, what must be a prerequisite to employment with “elite” and liberal blogs and media outlets, the overwhelming positives associated with Greek affiliation are not only overlooked, but outwardly maligned.

So, I’m here to fuck you up with some truth. Here are three real stats that show being in a fraternity is far more than smashing beers and coeds.

1. Fraternity Members Are Inordinately Successful

As of 2011, 85 percent of all Fortune 500 executives belong to a fraternity or sorority. When you consider the fact there are over 20 million students enrolled in colleges around the United States today, and only 750,000 or so are Greek, this is an astonishing overrepresentation of Greek life members piloting the world’s largest companies.

But the Greek dominance does not stop there. Over 90 percent of United States Presidents, Vice Presidents, and male Supreme Court Justices, since 1825 have been members of a fraternity. Over half of the presidential cabinet members during the last century have worn their letters proudly, and roughly three-quarters of the current congressional makeup are Greek affiliated.

So, in other words, this awful organization that leads to nothing but binge drinking, recreational drug use, and irresponsible sexual antics, as the media would lead you to believe, somehow is also a factory of global leaders in finance and government. Odd coincidence, I guess.

2. Fraternity Members Perform Better Academically

A first-year student enrolling in his or her first class has slightly better than a 50 percent chance of graduating with a four-year diploma. If that student chooses to rush, however, their odds statistically increase to nearly 75 percent.

WAIT that cannot be true, right? I thought the Washington Post said that all frats do is get wasted and fuck around in their elitist houses? Well, apparently not. On most campuses, Greek life will sport a higher average grade point average, with strictly enforced GPA requirements that mandate their members’ academic performance is considerably above the undergraduate average overall.

Greek members have a better chance of attending grad school, graduating with honors, and achieving post-undergraduate degrees than the rest of the undergraduate population. Yet, somehow this goes largely under reported.

3. Greeks Give Back

Though between just ten and thirty percent of the alumni base for most large universities, Greek alums account for almost three-quarters of the total alumni financial contributions to American universities. While students, Greek organizations donate roughly $7 million a year to assorted causes domestically as part of the nearly three-century long tradition of Greek philanthropic work.

Aside from putting their money where their mouth is, fraternity members dedicate their time to bettering our society, too. On average, nearly ten million hours of volunteer service are performed by members of Greek life. Hours mandated by assorted court systems, you know, the stuff you read about in the “news,” is not included in this immense number.

Odds are you’ll make more money, do far better in school, and pay it forward with generosity for your alma mater, all while making lifelong friends and future colleagues? Yeah, that sounds fucking horrible to me.

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