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25 Halloween Power Moves

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Halloween with TKE.

  1. Dress as a lion and find a sexy doctor. Ask her to slay you.
  2. Knock on the doors of random house parties, hold up a pillowcase, and ask for beer. Teepee their house if they refuse.
  3. Carve pumpkins depicting various sex positions.
  4. Tell a guy drinking pumpkin flavored beer, “You might need that later,” and point to another guy dressed as a tampon.
  5. Tell a girl wearing a slutty costume, “I really respect how you didn’t dress all sexy like the other girls here.”
  6. Dress up one pledge as an egg and at least three as sperm. Every time you blow a whistle, the sperm must race to tackle the egg.
  7. Point at a girl and shout, “Caitlyn Jenner! Spot on!” when they clearly aren’t dressed as Caitlyn Jenner.
  8. Dress as Caitlyn Jenner. Tell a girl, “Don’t worry, I still have a penis.”
  9. Wear a brown leather vest and dress up the frat hound like a velociraptor. Make him do tricks throughout the night.
  10. Dress the biggest pledge up like Hodor and the smallest pledge like Bran Stark. Hodor must carry Bran on his back the entire night and only say “Hodor.”
  11. Dress as a tattoo artist and slap flash tats on girls’ lower backs.
  12. Ask a sexy doctor if she can check you for a hernia.
  13. Dress as Bane and make challenging glances at every Batman you see.
  14. Hand out candy to people. When a hot girl goes for a piece, ask, “Really?”
  15. Dress as a Spartan from 300 despite having a body that looks like a bag of milk. Stuff your leather man thong.
  16. If wearing a Spartan costume, go to the bathroom every thirty minutes to do push ups and “maintain your pump.”
  17. Wear a ghost costume. Ask a girl, “You want under my sheets?”
  18. Wear a zombie costume. Tell her, “The dead aren’t the only thing that’s rising.”
  19. Dress as Ash Ketchum. Throw pokeballs at girls and shout, “Got it!”
  20. Ruin the “Monster Mash” by busting out your own moves in the middle of the crowd.
  21. Dress like the nun from “Game of Thrones.” Ring a cowbell and shout “Shame!” at women in revealing costumes.
  22. Wear a Pats jersey and tell a girl your balls were at regulation before you saw her.
  23. Ask a witch if she wants to ride your broomstick. Follow it up with, “You’re cool with warts, right?”
  24. Make a drone pledge (white morph suit, makeshift propellers and a GoPro strapped to his head) walk around filming the party.
  25. Wear a wig, orange face paint, and a suit. Tell Hispanic-looking kids to get the fuck out.

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Alex Buscemi

AKA Boosh. Former high school back-up wide receiver. Author of two pretty successful Reddit comments. Recent grad from the University of South Carolina.

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