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21 Thoughts Every College Guy Had During Last Night’s Super Bowl

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Last night’s Super Bowl kind of sucked. The game was awful, the ads were bleh, and the halftime show was strange. If anything, it just reinforced the point that the Super Bowl doesn’t need to be played outside in the North. Ever. Here are 20 thoughts that probably went through your head at some point during the Super Bowl BrandFest 2014.

  1. This potentially stolen TV from Craigslist was totally worth the two months of allowance that it cost.
  2. Two teams from weed legal states are meeting for a “Super Bowl”? Should be interesting.
  3. I can skip class tomorrow because I made it to almost all of my classes last week.
  4. I’m not pulling for either team, really. I’m just pulling for Richard Sherman.
  5. Russell Wilson is the ultimate tryhard.
  6. The Broncos kind of suck.
  7. I hope Papa John is okay.
  8. Wasn’t Pete Carroll an SAE?
  9. Why aren’t any of the ads funny this year?
  10. I should follow Eric Decker’s wife on Instagram.
  11. Bank of America is taking down AIDS. Chevy is in charge of cancer. Coca-Cola will be handling diversity. Thank you, products. We owe you big time.
  12. Seinfeld reunion? This should be good.
  13. That wasn’t good.
  14. I hate Bruno Mars. Is he a legal midget? This halftime show is going to be terrible.
  15. I guess Bruno Mars is alright.
  16. I once saw the Red Hot Chili Peppers at *insert music festival name here*
  17. Should we just watch Netflix?
  18. Maybe this half will have funnier ads.
  19. My intramural flag football team prepares better than the Broncos.
  20. Richard Sherman is hurt? Okay, I don’t want to watch anymore.
  21. College football is so much better.

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