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18 Girls Admit Their Sluttiest Moments And They Are Extreme

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If you are terrified of having a daughter, these stories are not going to help.

A bunch of random girls on the internet admitted to their sluttiest experiences and they are extreme and incredible. Five guys in one night, having two guys suck on your nipples at the same time (she’s probably going to have twins one day), Craigslist sex, and much more. These girls have no shame, and they should be proud of it.

These are the stories the internet was built for, people. This is why we log in every single day. Enjoy these fantastic tales, courtesy of Reddit:

A game of spin the bottle which progressively upped the ante until it was sloppy drunk group sex.

Playing spin the bottle is pretty much code for “we’re fucking tonight.”

I almost had a threesome with two guys and they both sucked on my nipples at the same time.. hottest thing ever

How does one almost have a threesome?

I went in to the bathroom of a dive bar, took off my panties and threw them away. They were the “granny panties” I had worn specifically to prevent myself from hooking up with a guy. My sober thinking was that I would be too embarrassed to undress in front of him, knowing that I had these seriously unsexy unders on. “Fuck that!” said my drunk self, “Throw those things away and get to sexaytimes even faster!” Score one for my drunk self.

Oh, and I also went to work with cum in my hair the next morning.

“What’s that in your hair, Janice?”

Met a guy at a party, started grinding, within 5 minutes his hand was down my pants, we made our way to his tent and he started to take my clothes off but realized he didn’t have a condom so he called his friend and soon enough the whole party was on a hunt to find a condom for us (I guess nobody actually thought to bring one???). Eventually, someone brings us one. The guy delivers.

Teamwork makes the dream work.

I lost my virginity in a movie theater.

During the movie

I hope it was a Disney film.

I met a guy at a party once and about 20 minutes later I had sex with him in an alleyway

Was he a hobo and he was just taking you back to his place?

When I was in college, mid 20s, I went to a strip club with some friends (I’m female). There was this gorgeous stripper there that was on the pole– guys, she looked like Princess Jasmine! Just like her. Covered in sparkles. I wanted her something fierce, not gonna lie.

Went up to the stage, and kept giving her dollars, so she’d do stuff to me (at this particular strip club we used to frequent, the strippers would do things to females that they wouldn’t to men, when given a dollar– lick or bite your neck, straddle you completely and grind, kiss you…), and after her song ended, she leaned over the stage and looked me in the eye with this… considering look, I guess? I’ll never forget the look she gave me. She goes “There is just something about you… do you wanna go into a private room with me?” I just nodded.

She came off the stage, and led me to one of the private dance rooms where they had couches that you could recline on with curtains around them for privacy. We laid down on the couch and stayed there for… 20 minutes? We basically had sex back there.

That stripper was not clean.

I instigated a game of truth or dare to try to make out with a boy I went out with earlier that night, ended up getting dared to make out with a different boy I met like 20 minutes before and lost my virginity to him in my friend’s sister’s bed.

Don’t you hate it when you fuck the wrong one?

This is terrible, the guy I had been talking to left me for a 17 year old so, in a drunken rage, I slept with not one, not two, not three, but four different guys, over the course of about five hours.

LeBron would be proud.

Picked up a man one night, brought him home had mind blowing sex, he left in the morning.

That morning an old lover invited himself over again great sex, he left.

I went out that night and had a feel with some other guy.

Either that or the threesome with 2 guys.

Have some self-respect for yourself, woman.

The time I was put on too high of a dose of a new antidepressant and it made me go into a manic phase. I started hooking up with random guys from the Internet and meeting up in sketchy places like their cars in the middle of the night or outside at parks or whatever.

There is hope for you commenters.

Got drunk on my second date with a guy, let him finger me in his truck while he was driving 80 on the highway, somehow managed to stumble into my house where I proceeded to let him eat out my ass and also fuck me there. But hey, at least I discovered my love for rimming and anal.

At least you’re now #TeamButtStuff.

Throwaway account. I worked as an escort for few years in my twenties and I genuinely enjoyed it. Of course not every client experience was good but most were.

We’ve all been there.

I have slept with around 20 different guys so far this year. I don’t know the exact number.

That comes to about half a guy every week.

Met my current SO while stripping. I was 19 and only doing it for a few months to pay for school, I’d never seen a customer outside of work or anything but there was something about him. He came back to the club 3 nights in a row and on the 4th night I took work off and we went out, with another stripper friend of mine and his best friend. We got hammered, I took off my thong in the bathroom and put it in his suit pocket.. that pretty much gave him the green light. We ended up going back to my hotel and jumping the fence to the pool, stripped naked and fucked in the hot tub (his best friend and my friend did too). I sobered up about halfway through and we stopped and then made out/talked until the sun came up.

Your current SO has low standards, if I’m being honest.

It was a friend’s birthday. Me (f), birthday boy, a female friend, male friend, and gay friend. Other than gay friend, we’re all pretty much swing any direction. We get drunk. I show everyone my titties because I think I have fantastic titties. Convince other female to get naked. Start feeling her up. Insist that everyone else get naked, this is a naked party now. Fingered her in front of everyone. She starts going down on me while birthday boy goes down on her. Other two males fool around in corner. Eventually drunkenly pass out.

Sounds like my kind of party.

I hooked up with one of my fuckbuddies in the afternoon after all my classes, and that night I got drunk and fucked a total stranger at some party… I’d never fucked two separate people in one night before.

The fuckbuddy and I also did it in some weird places… the library, the tennis courts, in one of the academic buildings. He openly fingered me at a club once and also has me send nudes from work.

Never having a daughter.

Got dumped by the first person i loved, after a couple of weeks of feeling worthless, and not getting any through the usual channels. I used craigslist. Responded to first person to answer my personal add, Ended up meeting about and hour later, got into this old guy’s van (probably late 40’s early 50’s), he pulled into a cemetery, I blew him, he fucked me, then i tried anal for the first time. all in the back of his dirty ass van.

That’s how murders happen.

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[via Reddit]

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