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The 16 Hottest Pulls In The History Of HBO’s Entourage

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Everyone has had this argument. Who was the hottest girl on Entourage? Today, I aim to put that discussion to rest with the definitive list of the 16 hottest pulls in Entourage history. First, let me qualify my rankings and reasoning with the rules:

-Must have been involved with a major reoccurring character who appeared in 6 or more episodes. This excludes girlfriends of Bob Saget, Bow Wow, Seth Green, all celebrity cameos, etc.

-Must have at least reasonably implied hookup with a major cast member. This excludes Scarlett Johannsen (not enough evidence Vince closed at the end of Season 1, Jessica Alba, Jaime Pressley, Maria Menounos, etc.

-Cannot be a paid sex worker, stripper, prostitute, or porn star. This excludes the Madame, all women featured at next door brothel, Turtle’s blowjob girl in France, and Sasha Gray.

-Rankings are based on appearance at the time of specific episode release. When a show starts in 2004, as Entourage did, some of the early season slams are now pushing 40.

-Characters hooking up with main female cast members DOES count.

-There is no minimum screen time or episode appearances to be eligible. So shit can get obscure.

The List:

16. Marikym Hervieux

Who: Good question. Girlfriend of Josh “Pen Stealing Fuck” Weinstein.
Where: Brief but braless appearance in a furniture store with Josh while Vince checks out a new couch for the “Aquamansion.”
When: Season 2, when Vince believes he will be Aquaman…without an actual offer.
Why: Blonde, legs for days and the sort of levitating tits only an invisible bra could support, she might have terrible taste in men but she’s a solid start to the list.

15. Carla Gugino

A photo posted by Carla Gugino (@carlagugino) on

Who: Amanda Daniels. Super agent and supposed broker of the Los Angeles Rams deal. Arch nemesis of Ari Gold for stealing Vince, temporarily, as a client.
Where: Recurring like Drama during the Melrose years, spans several seasons.
When: Sleeps with Vince to “relieve the sexual tension” early in their business relationship in Season 3 Part II. Becomes a pseudo girlfriend to Vince for several episodes before Medillen drama sours the relationship, reuniting Vince and Ari.
Why: The ultimate cougar; a powerful woman with double d’s and a mazerati, check out her Playboy spread if you have any questions. Think of it as the ultimate T.A. conquest.

14. Cameron Richardson

Who: Actually two people, at least I’m pretty sure. Both waitresses.
Where: We first meet Cameron as a cocktail waitress at Sloane’s charity event (you may remember this episode as “that time E almost had an epic 3-way but instead pulled an E”) Vince fucks her in the coatroom. We later see Cameron again as a waitress, but this time at Urth Café, she sleeps with Vince again and then flashes a small, but perky set. Cameron last appears at yet another waitressing job, this time at Lucky Strike in season 7 in which she references Vince “sleeping with her sister a few years ago,” which presumably was a reference to her (maybe playing her twin?) at Sloane’s event.
When: Seasons 3, 5, and 8
Why: Body speaks for itself. Quench her chest’s thirst for silicone and we have a hard 9/9.5 here.

13. Daniella Van Graas

Who: Model “Natasha” booked for a Dolce & Gabanna campaign with Vince.
Where: First meet her at casting party for Vince’s new modeling contract, introduced by creative director (that guy who killed Heath Ledger in The Patriot and tries to fuck Vince.) Later travels to Hawaii via private jet with her “spinner” friend and the boys.
When: Season 5 after Vince returns from his Mexican hideaway, but turns to modeling when the movie offers run dry.
Why: Classic model look, but a deep voice limits her potential for this list. Though for our purposes speaking is not needed anyway.

12. Holly Valance

A photo posted by Holly candy (@hollyvalance) on

Who: Perfect 10 model and friend of Jamie Pressley. First in a long line of women E could only pull in a scripted tv show.
Where: After E is stood up by his far less attractive girlfriend Kristen, the boys leave a Smush Parker led Lakers team and head to a party at Jamie Pressley’s beach house. E, in a classic E move tries to leave, but is convinced to stay and eventually fucks her in the hotel room he had originally purchased for his girlfriend (TFM, probably first of Eric Murphy’s life.)
When: Season 2
Why: Something about a certified natural set of sweater puppies like these that just has to be respected. Wakes E up saying “I’ve never met a man that didn’t want to fuck me again in the morning.” Sounds reasonable.

11. Leighton Meester

Who: Singing virgin turned sex symbol (and probable ode to Brittany Spears) Justine Chapin.
Where: Thirsty enough to call into Big Boi’s radio show asking Vince to his own premiere. Later a coincidental encounter during Vince’s depression era (in which he still just sort of sits around banging hot chicks and relaxing in LA) finds Justine to no longer be a virgin, allowing Vince to finally close. Never be the first, never be the last.
When: Seasons 2 and 5
Why: A virgin whispering into your ear “I would give you the best head you’ve ever had” is a good starting point I’d say.

10. Autumn Reeser

Who: Lizzy Grant the “junior agent with a great ass.”
Where: Mistress of Ari’s closest friend and newly hired TV exec Andrew Klein. “Evil pussy” turns Andrew into an addict, nearly destroys Ari’s marriage, and causes humiliation for the entire Miller Gold Agency when her tapes of Ari berating fellow employees are released.
When: Seasons 6 and 7
Why: A tight ass, high six-figure salary, and enough talent in the bedroom to literally drive a man to insanity? Sign me up.

9. Malin Akerman

Who: Tori, Sloane’s sexually adventurous friend that makes only one appearance during the series.
Where: Visiting to attend Sloane’s charity event, a drunken night leads to discussion of a three way. When it eventually happens, Sloane’s “rules” derail Eric from closing, but in typical Eric fashion he mangles the entire situation with an unwanted cuddle and female like emotions. The man is on a crusade to ruin his relationship with another woman he has no business talking to, let alone fucking: Sloane.
When: Season 3
Why: I know you guys have seen the first Harold & Kumar. Enough said. Aside from that, sexually adventurous girl up for numerous group sex opportunities. The kind of woman you would hate to date but would LOVE your girl to be best friends with.

8. Michelle Lombardo

'PROTECT THIS WOMAN"by Elisabeth Carenmakeup: Toby Fleischman

Posted by Michelle Helen Lombardo on Saturday, 4 April 2009

Who: Billy Walsh’s girlfriend, Kat.
Where: In the buildup to the first cut of Medillen, Vince and E search the town for Walsh, who has gone missing following Eric’s feigned tough guy antics, demanding to see the film. Kat, while clearly abusing her mother in law, answers the door in tiny pink underwear and slinks out to talk to the guys. For Californication fans, she is “surfer girl.”
When: Season 4
Why: Maybe the best natural rack of all time, the sort of milk duds that make you wish you were her infant child. Eh, that sounds kind of weird. Cool with Billy fucking around, going to strip clubs and whorehouses.

7. Dania Ramirez

Who: Alex, Turtle’s “limho” employee and eventual girlfriend.
Where: After Turtle somehow interprets the divorce of her parents to be primetime for a move, she quits. Though she was terrible at her job and showed a complete lack of interest in him, Turtle gravels and creepily shows up at her home repeatedly, somehow resulting in her “working on” becoming attracted to him. Maybe the most outrageously unrealistic pull in the history of the show.
When: Season 7
Why: Fit and stacked, regularly braless with nipples that could cut glass, you know she can handle herself between the sheets. Confirmed fully shaved (and somehow this “scares” Turtle) and maybe the greatest moment in show history when she tells Turtle “it’s ok I know it was your first time” in reference to his sexual performance. Turtle totally disappointing a hot girl but then nailing her again….TFM.

6. Taylor Cole

A photo posted by Taylor Cole (@taylorquinncole) on

Who: One of the more obscure entries to the list, an auctioneer representing Adrian Peterson’s dinosaur skull.
Where: During the “Vince did one stunt on set so now he’s crazy” era, Vince tags along with Scotty Lavin to an auction in pursuit of wine for Sean Connery. While there, Vince bumps into Randall Wallace, marking the beginning of the “Airwalker” storyline. Vince purchases the skull for $250k from Adrian Peterson (who formerly used it as a “switch” I’m guessing) and ends up bringing the sexy auction worker back to the house for a darty.
When: Season 7
Why: The kind of woman we will end up marrying, the second time around, leaving us with a pile of debt and unanswered questions. But the best sex of our lives.

5. Sofia Vergara

Who: Local villager Billy Walsh casts in Medellín, and subsequently becomes obsessed with.
Where: While filming Medellín in Colombia, Billy becomes infatuated with the unnamed “actress” playing Pablo Escobar’s love interest. She completely rebuffs his advances, causing an epic meltdown and the interrogation of all on set. “Show me the girl who wants to be friends and I’ll show you the guy fucking her.”
When: Season 4
Why: Maybe the best tits and ass combo of any member of the list. Can hardly speak English, though that’s not really a negative. Only qualifies due to a supposed jerk of Drama, but I liked doing my “research” on her so I’ll choose to believe him.

4. Sophie Monk

A photo posted by Sophie Monk (@sophiemonk) on

Who: Linen designer staying at the Palm in LA.
Where: After returning from Colombia E is once again heartbroken, a recurring theme in the series. Vince takes him out in an attempt to cheer him up, and win a bet with Drama for “who could have unemotional sex” first between E and Turtle. Invited Vince up to her room to “try her linens” and some reverse cowgirl. Episode perhaps most famous for Drama’s Jess Mancini “made her ride her bike home after I ass fucked her” story.
When: Season 4
Why: Three time Maxim cover girl says a lot, as does her personal success and willingness to fuck within 15 minutes. Also appreciate her assumed preference to do all physical work during the sex itself.

3. Jana Kramer

A photo posted by Jana Kramer (@kramergirl) on

Who: “UCLA Girl” definite tier 1 co-ed Turtle stumbles into bed with while attending UCLA business classes.
Where: After Jamie Lynn Sigler drops Turtle, for some reason UCLA Girl continues her two season attraction to his still pudgy and under 5 foot physique. He makes out with her but does not close, though the fact she touched his tiny limp dick does qualify her for the list. Thankfully. This has to be the most unrealistic pull in the history of Turtle, as he bitches incessantly about his sloppy ex girlfriend and she somehow continues talking to him.
When: Seasons 6 and 7
Why: Top of tier 1 Instagram Babe Of The Day (when Dan is on his game) kind of body, and the face to match. Doesn’t care that Turtle has a definite dad bod, no real job, and is shorter than Peter Dinklage.

2. Sara Foster

A photo posted by Sara Foster (@iamsarafoster) on

Who: Plays fictional version of herself. Australian super model and sort of actress.
Where: Former one night stand of Vince, booked on the same night as he promotes Head On by doing Jimmy Kimmel. Pulls him into her dressing room for a pre-show quickie. Never again seen.
When: Season 1
Why: In 2004 when this episode aired, Sara Foster was probably the most popular Australian supermodel on the planet. Think about that for a second. Not only that, but she actually responded to Vince not calling her back after a one nighter with “I’m the one who didn’t call you.” Then proceeded to fuck him again. If only all women were like this.

Champion: Emmanuelle Chriqui

A photo posted by @echriqui on

Who: E’s impossibly hot, understanding, classy, and beyond forgiving, eventual wife.
Where: Everywhere, essentially. Turns down Vince because she’s too classy to be an actor’s one night stand, meets E suit shopping before Ari’s daughter’s Bat Mitzvah and deals with his refusal to even dance with her. Has E’s child, takes him back numerous times, and eventually marries him (or that is at least implied at the end of Season 8, since we are not discussing the movie).
When: Every season after Season 2.
Why: I could go on for days in this section. Extremely attractive, smart, possesses a 9-figure trust fund and inheritance, is down for butt stuff, forgives E for fucking her step mother, stays faithful to E as he bangs several other women he has no business speaking to, and is all around a wonderful and understanding person.

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