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13 Snapchat Accounts You Need To Follow Immediately

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1. Mark Suster (@msuster)

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 8.58.41 AM copy

Mark Suster, a successful venture capitalist at Upfront Ventures, gives you an inside look at his lavish lifestyle and, more importantly, how he got there. He’ll hit you with the photos of his awesome cars and houses, but he’ll also pack his snaps with valuable tidbits of entrepreneurial advice. He’s a must-follow for all you aspiring 30-year-old millionaires.

2. LACMA (@lacma)

You know all those posts you see online of classic renaissance paintings bastardized with hilarious captions and word bubbles? I don’t know if the Los Angeles County Museum of Art started that trend, but they’re the best at it. Looking at these always cracks me up, and there’s no sign of me getting sick of them (yet).

3. Geir Ove Pedersen (@geeohsnap)

This Norwegian artist is the master of people watching. He’ll take a photo of a complete stranger on the street, and turn it into a funny scene.

4. Jayhawk Snaps (@Jayhawk_Snaps)

There are lots of college Snapchat accounts out there. I’m sure your school has one. Definitely follow it. But the one college that has made a name for itself with its wild, debauched, and boner-inducing snaps is, and you might not have seen this one coming, Kansas University. They are low-key crazy people. Speaking of awesome college Snapchat accounts…

5. SunDevil Nation (@SunDevil_Nation)

If you didn’t already know, Arizona State University is a wild place. They’re known for it. And this account lives up to their reputation. Lots of drug use. Lots of boobage. Lots of partying.

6. JJ Watt (@JJWatt.99)

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 9.06.01 AM copy

The biggest try-hard in the NFL, JJ Watt, is trying to make a name for himself as the DJ Khaled of the sports world. Follow and enjoy.

7. Grubhub (@GrubHub)

Sometimes they fire out discount codes for food – often late at night. You’re welcome.

8. DJ Khaled (@djkhaled305)

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 9.07.52 AM copy

I know, I know. DJ Khaled is the reason your friends have been bothering the shit out of you. Just the other night when you were getting dinner, Mike said, “Buffalo wings are the key,” before Kevin chimed in with “They don’t want you to get the buffalo wings.” Khaled-isms are aggravating memes that have infiltrated every aspect of our lives. But don’t beat ‘em. Join ‘em. Trust me. DJ Khaled is one of the most entertaining Snapchat follows you can follow. It’s like if a massive toddler was given millions of dollars. Whether you’re watching his sweaty man tits spill onto his poor wife while he thrusts away groaning, “You smart… you loyal!” or you’re watching him struggle to find his way home in the middle of the night on a jet ski, it’s going to be a brain cell-murdering good time.

9. Lindsey Pelas (@lindseypelas)

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 9.41.27 AM copy

Utters. Perfect, heaving, tiny gold bikini-clad utters. That’s why you should follow Lindsey Pelas. They’re real, too, as I proved in this groundbreaking study published last year. Why not just watch porn instead? Maybe because you’re in class and you’ve already excused yourself to the bathroom twice. I don’t know, there are lots of reasons you may need a healthy dose of smut that’s still acceptable for viewing in a public space. That’s where homegirl comes in.

Speaking of which…

10. Emily Ratajakowski (@emrata)

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 9.11.13 AM copy

A little classier than Lindsey, but that’s because we’ve already seen her naked. She also gets away with fewer dirty pics (not much less dirty) because she’s probably the hottest woman alive. No wait, maybe that’s…

11. Tiana Gregory (@tiannag2)

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 9.13.43 AM copy

Jeez this list devolved into nothing but pictures of hot chicks. I hope you’re okay with that. While we’re on the subject, if you like them a little thicker…

12. Iskra Lawrence (@iskralawrence)

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 9.15.56 AM copy

Goddamn. And if you’re looking for real college girls, as well as guest models (like Lindsey Pelas), then you know where to go…

13. TFM Official (@tfmofficial)

Follow these 13 accounts, and you’ll be a more informed, well-rounded person (who also has a raging lap hog tucked into his waistband wherever he goes).

Images via YouTube

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Alex Buscemi

AKA Boosh. Former high school back-up wide receiver. Author of two pretty successful Reddit comments. Recent grad from the University of South Carolina.

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