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An 11-Year-Old Hockey Player Waited 10 Years And Made The NHL To Exact Revenge On Alexander Ovechkin

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alex ovechkin nhl hockey revenge

Here’s your sweet revenge story for the day:

10 years ago, an 11-year-old hockey fan sent a letter requesting an autograph from his favorite hockey star. I sent off plenty of letters to my heroes as a child (although not hockey, because I’m an American). Not so unusual.

But what is unusual were the man sized balls on this kid. Apparently, his “autograph request” was more of a threat.

From Deadspin:

“If you don’t sign this and send it back to me, when I make it to the NHL, I’m going to give you a big body check.”


Anyway, the hockey player, Alexander Ovechkin, did what any superstar athlete would do when taunted by an 11 year old: laughed and threw it in the trash.

Except 11-year-old Miles Wood didn’t like that. Not one bit.

Miles grew up to make the NHL, and was all set to play his first game against Ovechkin’s team. Young, hungry, and full of rage. Thirsty for revenge.

The elder Ovechkin heard of his impending doom. Groveling at the last minute, he sent an autographed photo to Miles’ locker room. On the bottom, it pleaded: “Take it easy out there tonight.”

Miles must have been satisfied, because Ovechkin survived, and Miles’ team won 2-1.

Afterwards, they even took a dope bathrobe photo together. Hatchet buried. Which is good, because if you look at the two men in the picture, Ovechkin would have been dead for sure.

Not even a close matchup.

[via Deadspin]

Image via Shutterstock

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