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11 Arrested After Fraternity Brawl At Tennessee Tech Including Random Golf Club-Swinging 40-Year-Old Dude Named Gary

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After being denied entry into a Tennessee Tech fraternity party, Cookeville townies — including some 40-year-old man named Gary — came to blows with several brothers in an apartment complex parking lot that resulted in 11 arrests.

From Herald Citizen:

The brawl allegedly was a response to an earlier fight that began at the Kappa Sigma fraternity house on North Walnut Avenue, the officer reported. The fraternity house fight reportedly began because of someone not being allowed to enter a party there.

Several items used as weapons — including a baseball bat, golf club, air soft gun and a Glock handgun — were also confiscated from the scene.

According to witness reports, Gary Lamberth brought out a golf club and began to swing it, although no one was struck by it.

Shoutout to the kid that came packing heat. No, not the actual glock — the air soft gun. Hope he remembered to sharpie in the orange tip for intimidation purposes.

“It’s a real piece, man. Get back. I mean it.”

That, or the dude’s just out for eyeballs and testicle shots. Wild move either way.

10 of the 11 arrested were no older than 23, and then there’s Gary. Where did he come into the equation? Perhaps a dad? The way too old alum that still acts like he’s in the chapter? Someone’s dealer? Maybe just a golf club-wielding vigilante? I don’t understand the dynamic of this group, but dammit, I’m intrigued. I want to believe he’s the one that started everything.

Speaking of which, it’s always a smart play to start shit with a small group of people against an entire house of alcohol-fueled youths who are just looking for a reason to throw down. Not to mention they’re still grieving the death of former frat goat great, Ranger.

I get that rejection is hard to handle, but if you’re not affiliated and you’re clearly not wanted at a party, it’s best to just move on with your night. Not a huge life advice guy, but learn to pick your battles better, townies.

[via Herald Citizen]

Image via Kappa Sigma

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