10 Questions With SI Swimsuit Model Katherine Webb-McCarron

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Katherine Webb-McCarron — Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, former flame of Brent Musberger, and current wife of Bengals quarterback AJ McCarron — is working with ESPN’s College Gameday this season. On Saturday, Katherine revealed a secret code to give away 10,000 free pizzas from Pizza Hut, and of course she did it in the most College Gameday way possible: with a sign in the crowd.


I spoke with Katherine over the phone this past weekend and somehow managed to evade the charm of her southern drawl enough to articulate my questions and record her answers. Let’s play 10 Questions.


1. As an Auburn alum, how much shit have you gotten for wearing crimson and publicly supporting Alabama? I figured that was against the law in that state.

Oh gosh, you can only imagine the names I was called. I even got some death threats. Football is very serious in the south. Auburn and Alabama have always had the state rivalry, so you can understand how awkward it would be going for Alabama as an Auburn alum.

2. How tired are you of answering questions about the 2013 National Championship game and Brent Musberger?

Oh, I don’t ever get tired of it. It was an awesome thing and I feel really blessed because I had so many opportunities come from it. I won’t ever get tired of talking about it.

3. How soon after the game did you realize you had become a household name?

I didn’t realize what happened until I was walking out of the stadium and someone in the green room came up to me and asked if I realized what was happening. I said, “No, what is going on?” and he told me what happened. I said, “Oh, okay,” but I didn’t realize the capacity of it until I got online and saw what was going on. It was about an hour after the game.

4. Have you talked to Brent personally since that game?

No, I have never talked to him personally, only through social media. We appreciate each other, though.

5. The blonde kid sitting next to you during the Musberger game, the one caught by the camera gazing at you, or at least it looks like he is — who is he? Is he aware he became an internet meme?

That’s funny. Actually, that kid is AJ’s stepbrother. He’s a really quiet, timid kid. He doesn’t really speak a lot, so I just died laughing when I saw the pictures because…like, what is he looking at (laughs)?

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 9.53.10 AM

6. Aside from your marriage to AJ — because I feel like you have to say that — what’s the most exciting thing to happen to you, career-wise or personal, after your big break?

I’ve had so many really cool things happen to me, but I think the highlight would be getting the opportunity to appear in Sports Illustrated swimsuit magazine. I’ve been modeling since I was about 18, and that’s kind of the epitome of what it takes to be considered a real, professional model. And now I’m an old lady married at home (laughs).

7. Will your kids be raised Auburn or Bama fans?

That’s something they should choose. It’s funny because AJ was a Miami fan growing up, but his whole family was about Alabama. So I thought that was pretty cool that his family let him choose who to cheer for. Of course, we’ll be watching Alabama games at home.

8. The most exciting person you’ve met?

For a while, I’ve always looked up to supermodels just because that’s what I wanted to do, so Heidi Klum was one of my favorites. Just seeing her at the Sports Illustrated 50th Anniversary event in Los Angeles was the topper. But there have been so many people I’ve enjoyed meeting, especially in the sports world. I have a really cool situation.

9. Predictions for this college football season? Either for Auburn, Bama, or just in general.

You know, I don’t. I’ve really been focused on the NFL lately. The only school I really stay up-to-date with is Alabama, and I know that the QB controversy is a hot topic lately, so we’ll see who Saban chooses and who ends up on top.

10. Pick a national champion.

Alabama wins but Ohio State might be up there, too.

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