10 Most Fun Safety Schools In The United States

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Nervous about applying to college because you have shitty grades? Already in college, but looking to transfer with a crappy GPA? Fear not, terrible students, there is a whole world of opportunity out there for you in the form of safety schools.

Safety schools are a lot of fun. Sure, the academics aren’t the best at these colleges, but network with the right people and you’ll be fine after graduation. Don’t stress over your application — most of them only require a meager pulse to qualify for enrollment, but they are more fun than about 90 percent of other colleges across the country.

Here are the 10 most fun safety schools in the U.S.

10. Texas Tech University — Lubbock, Texas

Nicknamed the “Harvard of West Texas” by no one, Texas Tech is a great place to go if you didn’t apply to vocational school in time. Sure, Lubbock is a terrible town far away from civilization, but there is something peaceful about isolation.

Schools like Texas Tech aren’t going to rigorously tear you down with a mess of academia, so life after class is actually pretty sweet. There are some cool little bars in downtown Lubbock, and the limited coursework makes it all the more appealing to drink yourself into a coma every night of the week. Sports are a big deal at Tech, too, and even though they aren’t any good, it’s fun to watch them beat up on the schools you didn’t get into so you can brag to your smarter friends about how Tech is better than their college.

Tech is also a great place to network with some of the most world’s most powerful millionaire(‘s shithead kids). If you’re lucky enough, someone’s dad will hire you right out of school.

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